Are celebrities good role models for Students?

In today’s time we all have access to internet and we get news about everything trending on social media. Kids too learn from trending news about celebrities from all over the world. The celebrities leave an impression on young minds too by how they portray themselves. We discuss here whether celebrities are good role models for children or not.

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Celebrities good role models for kids
Celebrities good role models for kids

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Celebrities are good role models:

  • For Education – Many celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Malala Yousafzai and many such celebrities have inspired all of us towards education. These celebrities despite facing some or other challenges never backed down from their education. Their work in the field of education is widely recognised and honoured. The best example is Malala Yousafzai, who was attacked for going to school and despite danger for her life she continued her education and she is a UN messenger of peace, the youngest Nobel Prize winner and an activist for child education.  
  • For Environment – Celebrities actively participate in environmental safety projects. Most popular celebrities working towards environment through cleanliness projects, animal safety, etc. for example, Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, celebrities campaigning for PETA etc.
  • For Career – A celebrity is only made popular because they have a successful career. Their choice of career is also made popular because they are remarkably doing well in that field. Kids are hugely inspired by these celebrities and opt for a profession in their field only.
  • For Lifestyle – Famous people also share their personal life on social media like travel, adventures, parties, events, and also they share various tips for fitness, dressing, public speaking and healthy lifestyles. Children can follow these tips to improve their standard of living.  
  • For will power – Almost every celebrity faces hardships in their path of success but they courageously face all these shortcomings and continue to work in their field with determination. Kids can learn this never give up attitude from celebrities and implement the same for their studies or anything for positive results.
  • For Humanity – Celebrities are known for their contribution towards humanity through charities, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNO, WHO projects or they themselves start their own NGOs or Welfare associations for homeless, orphaned, disaster-hit people. For example, Nana Patekar contributes to farmers and Akshay Kumar raises funds for Indian Army etc. These are the examples children must look up to for a better life.

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Celebrities are not good role models:

  • Unhealthy Habits – Some celebrities are inclined towards bad habits like substance abuse, alcohol, smoking and some to the extent of involving in criminal activities. Children mistake their lifestyle for cool things and they too involve in such harmful activities by following them.  
  • Risky Standards –Celebrities are used to promote products and causes. Sometimes, while promoting such things celebrities ignore the public interest. They become part of trends which could be harmful to people. Such as cosmetic surgeries, racists’ advertisements, fake beauty standards etc. Celebrities are ready to anything for money and they forget that it would be harmful to people who follow them blindly.
  • Attention seeking disorder – Celebrities love public recognition and they want to be in the limelight so that their demand is there in the industry. Once they are successful and are in limelight they do anything to be in public eye. Moreover, they get involved in various controversies to be in media. These celebrities even harm themselves and become violent towards the public. This all affects the youngsters’ minds and they too can try to adapt this attention seeking practices in real life.

Conclusion: There are good celebrities and bad celebrities too. This is media's role to portray celebrities in good light. Also, celebrities should be aware of their actions as children follow them blindly as they are not mature enough to know the good and bad well enough. Parents too should take measures to protect their kids from bad lifestyles of celebrities.

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