UPSC IAS Prelims 2017 Question Paper Analysis

It is the subject wise analysis of the IAS Prelims 2017 Question Paper as conducted on 18th June 2017.

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IAS Prelims 2017 AnalysisThe IAS Prelims 2017 Question Paper once again saw a different trend from previous year papers. If you have seen and followed the trend of last 5 years of Civil services General Studies Paper I, you would find that this year paper was more about core subject and analysis of programs and schemes initiated in last couple of years back. Clearly, UPSC is far ahead than all of us while setting the paper.

IAS Prelims 2017 GS Question Paper

From the given IAS prelims question paper 2017, we have tried to analyse and infer certain obvious point, on which UPSC paper setters are banking on, which are:

1.    They are looking for a candidate who have the subjective knowledge of topics and has a clear vision on recent happenings.
2.    Not only subject knowledge, but having a required aptitude to deal with some given situation.
3.    Some questions also check the leadership ability of individual.

Subject-wise breakup of IAS prelims question paper 2017:

1.    The paper seems to be more factual than the last year.
2.    The Paper portrayed a good departure from all its previous papers. In 2016, when UPSC shifted its focus on Current Affairs deeply, in 2017, paper was more subjects oriented. Polity & Governance, and Indian Economy takes the cake with highest no. of questions.
3.    Polity/ Indian Constitution and Governance has the maximum 21 questions from it, whereas, Economy followed with 18 questions.
4.    Economy questions were mostly based on Current Affairs and Scheme initiated by Modi Govt.
5.    Current Affairs again had its very important say with 15+ questions.
6.    This Year there was 12 questions from History,  in which Ancient History contributed most with 5-6 question and then Modern India with 5 questions. Mostly asked from Freedom struggle period.
7.    If we combine Geography, Environment & Ecology, It’ll reach to next to none. A whopping 23 questions will boost your chance to make it in the list. All these questions were mainly fact based and some also from map based.
8.    Science & Technology came as a gift for science graduate students with 11-15 questions from it.
From the above analysis, you can be sure enough for making in the list if you are master of any two major subjects.

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