CTET: Child Developemt Questions-7

The announcement of CTET exam is still not made by the CBSE. So there is enough time left for the aspirants. In order to boost their knowledge, we have give 10 questions here.

CTET: Child Developemt Questions-7
CTET: Child Developemt Questions-7

Q 1: Who said “Child should be treated as child”:

(a) Roussoue

(b) Wechsler

(c) Binet

(d) Gagne

Q2:  Piaget’s principle covers child’s _____________

(a) Psychological Development

(b) Emotional feelings

(c) Cognitive Development

(d) Physical Development

Q3: The belief that nurture has strong influences in the development of a child would not agree with the importance of:

(a) Genetic factors

(b) Exposure to peers

(c) The types of toys at home

(d) The warmth displayed by the parents


Q4: Long term memory is developed by

(a) Learning by Reading

(b) Learning by Listening

(c) Learning by multi sensory organs

(d) Learning by visualizing


Q5: Child development is known as a branch of knowledge that

(a) Examines change in human abilities.

(b) Seeks to explain behaviour across the life span.

Career Counseling

(c) Compares children to adults to senior citizens.

(d) Accounts for the gradual evolution of the child's cognitive, social, and other capacities.


Q6. Team teaching clearly indicates:

(a) The proliferation of frills in education

(b) The de-professionalization of the certified teacher

(c) The use of psychological principles in education

(d) The tendency to avoid whichever possible the waste of money in educational administration

(e)  How new teachers may be trained in a practical and speedy manner.

Q7. What is the main function of State certification of teachers?

 (a) Guarding    of    teacher applicants who have -training in pedagogy against the competition of applicants who do not possess that training

(b) Provision for an index of public commitment to the support of education

(c) Exclusion    of    teaching candidates who would be harmful to or ineffective with children and youth out of the school milieu

(d) Assurance of higher salaries and other conditions relevant to better service and higher professional status

(e) Arranging for competition between one state education department and another state education department

Q8. A principal who is interested in upgrading the courses of will probably be successful if his first step is to

(a) Stiffen the criteria for teacher recruitment

(b) Hold a series of preliminary meetings with the executive board of the P. T. A.

(c) Institute the salary merit system for the teachers

(d) Put into operation a testing program of wide scope

(e) Re-evaluate    his    subject- supervisor staff


Q9. Who put emphasis on intellectual development and improvement should be the primary function of our educational institutions?

  (a) Theodore         

 (b) Brameld

 (c) George             

(d) Counts   

  (e) Cannot say

Q10. A child who looks blank and bites his nails when he is chided by the teacher is probably reflecting a pattern of behaviour which is termed

(A) Introversion

(B) Repression

(C) Egocentrism

(D) Regression

(E) Autism



1: (b)

2: (c)

3: (a)

4: (c)

5:  (d)

6: (c)

7: (b)

8: (d)

9: (e)

10: (d)

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