Deep Water: CBSE Class 12 NCERT Solution

Find the CBSE Class 12 English (Core) NCERT Solution for the Flamingo: Prose Chapter- 3, Deep Water.

Find the CBSE Class 12 English (Core) NCERT Solution for the Flamingo: Prose, Chapter- 3, Deep Water. It has been framed keeping the Students' perspective in mind. This will help the Students with easy and simple understanding of the concept and technique employed in solving as per the CBSE Marking Scheme.

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Few Sample Question from this Chapter are given below:

Q. What is the 'misadventure' that William Douglas speaks about.


What were the series of emotions and fears that Douglas experienced when he was thrown into the pool? What plans did he make to come to the surface?

Ans. William Douglas, the narrator recounts a terrifying childhood experience when he came face to face with death. When he was ten or eleven years old, Douglas was tossed into a 9 feet deep swimming pool at YMCA by a bigger boy just for the sake of 'fooling'. Although he was a beginner, Douglas did not lose heart and planned to push himself up with all his force. He thought once he comes to the surface, he would paddle to the edge of the pool. Unfortunately, this strategy did not work. He could not pop out of the water like a cork. His legs failed to support him. Terror gripped him with water all around him, he did not know what to do. His lungs were ready to burst out and the pounding heart with a throbbing head made things worse. He couldn't scream and was frozen with fear. He was breathless and instead of air sucked water. It seemed that the water around him was still and no amount of effort helped him. All around him there was a mass of yellow water. Suddenly, he felt there were tender arms around him and he was rescued.

Q. How did this experience affect him?

Ans. After being rescued, Douglas had lost consciousness and found himself beside the pool lying on his stomach and vomiting. This misadventure left him weak and trembling. He shook fiercely and cried at night. He couldn't eat anything and for days a haunting fear was lurking in his heart. The slightest exertion troubled him, making him weak in the knees and sick in his stomach. He feared water and avoided it.

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