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In this article, SSC CHSL 2015 previous year paper held on 20 december 2015 in the morning session have been introduced. Don't waste time, just download it and practice it.

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Keeping SSC CHSL 2016 exam in mind, SSC team of jagranjosh has come up with the previous year paper held on 20 December 2015 in the morning session. The enclosed e-paper include offline paper as online examination is introduced through this year onwards to recruit Postal assistants, Court clerks, Lower division clerks and Data entry operators.

There are following 4 parts of the question paper having weightage of 200 marks where each section comprised of 50 marks.

  1. General Intelligence and Reasoning- 50 Questions
  2. Quantitative Aptitude- 50 Questions
  3. General English- 50 Questions
  4. General Awareness- 50 questions

** Each wrong answer carries a penalty of 0.25 and for correct answer 1 mark is rewarded.

The details of this question paper is as follows-

  1. Paper code:- KM-2015
  2. Test Form No.:- 9115800
  3. Booklet Serial No.:- AA-9115800

SSC CHSL aspirants can go through the question paper given below and get an idea of the probable question types asked in the examination.

General Intelligence and Reasoning

Q1. Eight friends A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting around a round table in the same order at equal distances. Their positions are in clockwise direction. If G, who is sitting in the North exchange seat with C, and B exchange seat with F. Now who is sitting to the right of F?

(A) G

(B) E

(C) A

(D) B

Q2. If FATHER is coded as FBTIES, what should be the code for the word SISTER?





Directions: In the following 3 questions, find the odd word/ number/ letters / number pair from the given alternatives.

Q3. Find the odd letters.





Q4. Find the odd letters.





Q5. Find the odd word.

(A) Elope

(B) Degrade

(C) Abase

(D) Humiliate

Click here to download the complete E-Paper

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