Group Discussion: Content on the Internet should be censored

Internet which is the best source of information today should be censored or not. It`s a very important topic for group discussions in MBA entrance exams also. Read and find all the aspects of the topic.

Created On: Jul 22, 2014 11:32 IST

Internet has become one of the prime sources of information in this world today. This great invention has left everything behind. Many countries have banned or censored the internet content.

Internet comprises of every bit of information about everything that has been explored till date and the various platforms that provide various channels to be used on internet make it even more effective and popular. Be it search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc that consists of information on almost every subject discovered till date or be it the social networking sites like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter etc that facilitates us in staying connected with our near and dear ones. Internet today has taken a very firm grip over the world and it’s prospects.

There is lot of content on endless topics that one internet user can come across. The basic thing is that how a person takes and perceives them. Depending upon the requirements and usability one can explore things and information on internet but then all kind of content is there on the internet that needs to be used effectively and rightfully.

Censoring the content on Internet is a very debatable topic. If we see on a broader prospect then we may say that the content should not be censored on internet due to the reasons that follow:

1) Restrictive information: If the content on the internet will be censored then many people would be getting restrictive information for many of their urgent assignments, works and in this regard the use of internet will not be fulfilled.

2) Best way of sharing information: The generation of today can better understand all facts and figures on every topic by being informed and biggest source of information is internet. So instead of censoring it must be enhanced.

3) Loss of charm of internet: Internet is one broad facility that people can avail from anywhere anytime and use it for various purposes. If censored, it will definitely loose its charm.

4) Hindrance to freedom: Whatever is liked posted or flashed on the internet is specifically an independent opinion and everyone has the right to do so. Censoring the content may lead to loss of freedom.

On the contrary, censoring content is also an issue to think upon as:

1. Fear of spammers and stalkers: on the social networking sites, there are photos, posts images etc which can be misused against the people who upload them without their consent. So that’s the biggest danger.

2. Provoking and Influencing against subjects: Internet and Social networking sites are also used as a prime platform to provoke and influence teenagers, kids, children or even communities go against Government, other communities or subjects. So, in order to put a check on it censoring some content becomes essential.

3. Terrorist activities hampering social being: Many terrorist activities are operated and telecast on internet on various sites and content are really explicit and intolerable so they need to be restricted and banned.

4. Sexual content- a great cause of concern: Eve-teasing , rape of minors and female humiliating activities have taken a huge shape after the incoming of internet as many implicit content on sexual subjects provoke the insane and sick minds to destroy the society and women existence and this is really very pathetic. So such content ought to be censored.

In nut-shell I would say that the internet content should be banned and censored but to a certain extent and also should be monitored and checked. People express their individual opinions, views and ideas and that should never be restricted but on the contrary, the sexual implicit content that leads to many social evils should be checked parallely. Use and misuse always exist there where innovations and technology steps in but then we need to create a thin line between it’s practical application and usability on one hand and restrictions on it’s misuse on the other hand.

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