Group Discussion for MBA: Justice is a rarity in Corrupt India

Corruption in India has grown many folds. Has it become difficult to get justice? Read to know more.

Created On: Sep 5, 2014 12:50 IST

Justice is one of the most sensational and essential words that one can find in dictionary. If we go by the meaning of it, it refers to the verdict given in the periphery of Law and order against a certain crime or evil conducted by a convict. Now it can be both formal as well as informal depending upon the subject taken in consideration and the kind of abduction.

In India and in fact,everywhere in the world, there are Government bodies set up at various levels to impart justice remaining in the shell of proper Law and Order.

Now specifically talking about justice in India people feel that it becomes highly complex and subjective prospect. Justice in India is a process that follows several stages before finally being given.

It is popularly said that Justice delayed is Justice denied. Many people think and even the scenario of today dictates that Justice is a rarity now in corrupt India and even that is true to some extent as:

1. Money matters the most to the most: In today’s materialistic and highly self-centric world all that matters to any individual is money whether it be a top level, middle level or lower level employee sitting in the position of law and order everyone can be paid and served accordingly. The matter of paying bribes and getting released off without punishment has become a common practice and hence justice becomes a subject of mockery and false loop.

2. Fear of loss of life and property due to threats: Another very deadly figure of corruption is extortion and threatening to the people and their family members who define and select justice abide by law out of which justice gets reversed and falls in the wrong court.

3. Aspirations and ambitions have flown well over duties and responsibilities towards the nation: The emerging aspirations of many of the officials to own a big house, huge bank balance, luxurious lives and other amenities can not be catered in the single salary paid to them by the Government so they choose an alternate path of earning under the table and bribes and in return of which they give false judgment and decisions. So, again justice gets denied due to prevailing corruption.

On the other side of the coin, the same can also be countered back saying that Justice is not rarity in Corrupt India as:

1) Justice is above all: How big or small a crime be, it matters to fall under the same roof of justice and there are people who think of only discharging their duties with full conviction and for that they can’t be bribed and hence Justice stands.

2) Administration and Government has become even more observant and vigilant and so has become the Justice: Ever since the Sting operations occurred on various politicians and government officials at various stages, the Administration and Government has become even more firm and vigilant and the process of giving fair and true justice has rather become a part of the regular law and order.

3) Justice is in practice ,not in books in India: Justice in India is in practice and real application more than just being a matter printed in books. Rape case convicts, murderers, thieves, and other convicts whether it be a normal person or a well known personality, everyone is treated same in the eyes of laws and punished accordingly. Justice prevails and sustains in India irrespective of various malpractices and corruption.

Justice is one such term that makes a criminal fear at least once before committing crime. Justice in India is very subjective and it depends upon the kind of crime done. Yes it is also true that many times it has come in the picture that deliberate wrong judgment have been given against certain criminals due to bribery and other reasons that falls under the roof of corruption but then things as such would not eradicate unless and until each person comes on the same platform and mentality of treating law and justice above all.


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