How to find perfect internship in college

Finding a good internship can sometimes be as difficult as landing a good job for yourself so follow the tips mentioned below, compiled to make the task easy for you.

Perfect Internship for Indian College Students
Perfect Internship for Indian College Students

Internships can be a great way to get your foot in the door for a job that requires someone with the same skill-set as you do but with experience. Finding a good internship can sometimes be as difficult as landing a good job for yourself. Below are some tips on what to think about, look for, and how to go about finding that perfect opportunity.

Built a good resume

You should have your resume written and update before you start looking and applying for an internship. This will make the process of applying for the perfect internship easy when you find the right opportunity. You can take reference from the internet and ask seniors to make sure that your resume is appropriately structured and looks professional. If you do not have considerable experience, try getting it first before you start making the resume and attempting to get an internship. Talk about stuff you have done in college, especially something which required leadership on your part. This will show the recruiters that you can work with a team and perform well under pressure and strict deadlines.

Dress and behave professional

When you go for the meeting/interview with the employer, make sure you behave properly and are dressed in a professional manner. This can go a long way in getting you the opportunity and hence should not be taken for granted.

Visit job fairs

If your city organizes a job fair, you must visit it as you will be able to find many internship opportunities there. Businesses looking to hire employees or interns attend these events and will have booths where you can apply or get more information. As mentioned above, dress properly when you visit a job fair and carry a physical copy of your resume. The details of time and venue of a job fair can be seen on the various websites on the internet. Keep a track of them and be prepared.

Take help from Central Placement Cell

Take help from the Central Placement Cell of your university as many companies approach it with internship opportunity and the students registered with the cell get to know about it before anybody else. Sometimes, they are also the only ones who are allowed to apply for the opportunity. So as soon as you join the college enrol yourself with the placement cell of both college and the university so that you get latest job updates.

Take help from people in your network

Network with friends, family and acquaintances. Networking is one of the best ways to find internships and other work opportunities. Poll your friends using social media, ask your parents or your parents friends, or talk with acquaintances and employers about openings they are aware of or people they may know who would be open to taking an intern.

Use specialized websites

There are many websites which are designed to help people get internships. While you have to be careful, since like other job websites there are often people wanting to scam you, these websites can be invaluable tools for finding internships you might not have been aware of otherwise. In India, websites like and are known for their services to get students the perfect internship opportunity. Other than that, there are specialized web sites such as Internshala which are dedicated only for internships.

Create your own internship

Also known as cold calling, this method is for people who are just more of a take-the-bull-by-the-horns kinds. If the above methods aren’t working for you or don’t provide you with the kind of opportunities you want, you can take the situation into your own hands and create the internship you want. Find a company that you would like to work for, shoot them a formal mail and propose an internship. Know that if you are taking this approach, you will need to be very well prepared. Dress properly, have an excellent resume, have a plan dealing with how you can help them and what you both stand to gain from the relationship, and generally show them why they’d be crazy to turn you away.

These days, colleges have started taking internships very seriously and you'd be foolish to not try your best to land a good one. With the methods mentioned above, you can make sure you face less difficulties in finding a good internship.

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