IAS Main (Written) 2014: General Studies Paper III: Model Question Paper– Set 2

Model Question Paper IAS Main(Written) General Studies-III Provides the list of important questions for IAS Main Exam.

IAS Main (Written) General Studies -III concerns with the Economy, Science and Technology, Environment, Disaster Management, and Security Issues. Jagranjosh.com with the help of experts and scholars has prepared model question paper for IAS Main (Written) General Studies -III. Following are Model questions for

IAS Main (Written) Exam General Studies - III Model Question Paper

Total Marks 250                                          Time Alloted 3 Hours

1.Discuss the main problem in our agricultural pricing policy. Suggest some pragmatic remedial measures to deal with these problems?

2.Discuss the Various measurements of inflation in India. Which one is used to compensate the employee for high inflation?

3.High growth of tertiary sector in Indian posed many problems. Examine

4.Large percentage of work is employed in informal sector in India. What are your suggestions for employment security in the informal sector?

5.In view of rising expenditure of Government of India, is it desirable to adopt the policy of disinvestment to fund the Government expenditure?

6.Growth rate of 4 % in agricultural sector is essential to achieve the higher overall growth in economy. But our planning has been unsuccessful in achieving the 4 % growth rate in agriculture. What are main reasons responsible for slow growth of agricultural sector?

7.Discuss the Green Revolution which initiated in late 1960s. What measures should be taken to bring the second green revolution in India?

8.Large percentage of population lives in the rural area, so it has become crucial to transform the rural economy. Suggest the measures to transform the rural  economy

9.Write short note on
    a.Crowd funding

10.What is National Investment and Manufacturing Zone (NIMZ)? What are the main hurdles in the development of NIMZ?

11. Problems of unemployment and poverty cannot be eradicated unless we develop strong infrastructure. Discuss the statement with reference to India.

12. Development and promotion of food processing and related industries can become a major tool to deal with the poverty and unemployment in India. What initiatives Govt has taken to develop food processing and related industries in India?

13.Indian needs to divert the direction of trade towards the African and other developing countries to make economy resilient. Discuss in light of economic crisis.

14.What is Bioleaching? What are its uses in mining industry?

15.Write short note
    a.IRNSS IC
    b.Digital Cloud

16.What is EDI? What are its advantages over the paper?

17.What is Three Parents Baby? How does it work?

18.Pollution permits are better than the pollution tax. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons in the support of your answer.

19.Indian is entering into various energy agreements with developed and developing countries. Are such agreements capable of ensuring the long term energy security to India? Critically examine the statement.

20.What is desertification? What are the causes of desertification in India? Suggest some measures to stop the process of desertification in India

21.Afghanistan and Pakistan frontiers have become epicenters of Terrorism and America is focusing on flushing out or destroying the terrorism in this region. What are its implications for the Indian External security?

22.    India needs to take care of development of backward region of country to counter the anti-nation sentiments. How far such policy can be successful in dealing with problems of internal insurgency in country?

23.What are the initiatives Government of India has taken in past ten years to upgrade its preparedness to face the natural calamities?

24.Which poses the greater threat to security of India, internal or external? Critically examine citing incidents occurred in recent past.

25.Coastal security has become a matter of worry for policy makers. What are the different arrangements and provisions available to safeguard the coastal areas?

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