IAS Prelims 2015: GS Geography: MCQ Set I

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) would help candidates to understand the pattern and types of questions UPSC is likely to ask from Geography section in IAS Prelims General Studies Paper I

Geography is important part of IAS prelims Exam. Candidates cannot take geography for granted. Candidates must have basic understanding about the Geography. Following are some Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) which shall help candidates to understand the pattern and level of difficulty of questions:

1. Which of following state is/ are completely lie in Himalayas?
a.    Himachal Pradesh
b.    Sikkim
c.    Himachal Pradesh , Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand
d.   Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir , Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh

Ans: d

2.Water Body that separates india and the Srilanka is
a.    Palk Strait
b.    8 degree channel
c.    Great channel
d.    10 degree channel
Ans: a

3. Which of following glacier is not located in Karakoram Range?
a.    Siachen
b.    Hipsar
c.    Baltoro
d.    Sonapani
Ans: d

4. Which one of following rivers does not pass through the Himachal Pradesh?
a.    Bias
b.    Ravi
c.    Yamuna
d.    Shyonk
Ans:  d

5.  Koyana River is tributary of :
a.    Krishna
b.    Narmada
c.    Cauvery
d.    Sabarmati
Ans: a

6.  In which of following state/ states mangrove forest is found?
a.    Odisha
b.    West Bengal
c.    Odisha, West Bengal and Tamilnadu
d.    Tamilnadu
Ans: c

7.  Which one of following regions does the Bushmen tribe belong to?

a.    Kalahari Desert
b.    Siberia
c.    Arabian Desert
d.    Canadian Tundra
Ans: a

8.  Consider the following statements:
I)    Lowermost layer of atmosphere is called Troposphere
II)   Height of Troposphere is more at pole and lesser near the equator
III)  Height of Troposphere is more at equator and lesser near the pole
Which of above statement is / are true about the Troposphere?
a.    I only
b.    I and III
c.    All of the above
d.    1and II
Ans: b

9.    Which of following statement is correct about the hot and cold currents?
a.    Area where the hot and cold currents meet is very productive site
b.    Area where the hot and cold current meet is very unproductive.
c.     All warm current emerges from the poles
d.    All of the above
Ans :a

10.    Israel has common border with
a.    Lebanon, Syria, Jordon and Egypt
b.    Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Jordan
c.    Cyprus, Turkey, Jordon and Egypt
d.    Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Yemen
Ans: a

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