UPSC IAS Prelims Exam 2020: Geography Study Material

The UPSC IAS candidates can get the all the relevant Study Material of Geography for the IAS Prelims Exam 2020 here.

UPSC IAS Prelims Exam 2017 GS Geography Study Material
UPSC IAS Prelims Exam 2017 GS Geography Study Material

Geography is so vast in its syllabus that it covers the most section of the General Studies for the IAS Prelims Exam. The geography is scientific in its orientation and hence the candidates having Arts background find it very difficult to prepare the geography for the IAS Prelims Exam.

But, the candidates cannot escape or overlook the geography because there are various aspects of geography which enormously helps in the overall General Studies Preparations. For example, the economy of our country is heavily dependent on the Monsoon but Monsoon is a geographical phenomenon. Moreover, we are talking about the demographic dividends but we can study the aspects of population growth under Population Geography and related avenues under Human Geography.

Here, we have provided Geography questions based on the authentic sources for IAS Exam. The questions have been created as per the UPSC syllabus for IAS Prelims Exam. Such questions are also useful for State PCS Exams preparation.

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              Geography Concept Based Questions

Pressure Belt

Movements of Ice, Wind and Sea Waves

Movements of Ocean Water II

Movements of Ocean Water

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Interior of the Earth

Origin and Evolution of Earth


Latitudes, Longitudes and Time Zones

Industrial Development Set II

Industrial Development

Development of Mineral and Energy Resources



Weather, Climate and Vegetation-B

Weather, Climate and Vegetation-A

The Oceans

National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Mull Soil, RDF

Tropical Cyclone,Sedimentary Rocks,Monsoon,Karewas,Laterisation

Atmosphere,Epeirogenic Movement,Lithification,El-Nino

Drought,Savanna Region,Wetlands,Harmattan,Clouds,Algal bloom

Isobars,Specific Humidity,Relief Zones,Oceans

Anatolia,Mangroves,Tsunami,Great Barrier Reef,Podzols,Deserts

Pedogenesis,La revue des races,Soils and Soil Formation

Human Development Index,peninsular block of India

Solar Radiation and Heat Balance

Maps and Indian Georaphy

Natural Hazard and Disasters

Climatology and Oceonography

Western Cyclonic Disturbance,ITCZ,El-Nino,Coriolis force,Winter Showers

Indian Climate, Soil and Rock System


The Origin and Evolution of the Earth

Molassis Basin,Barchans,Dodabeta Peak,Panchnad

IAS Prelims GS Geography: MCQ Set 2 

IAS Prelims GS Geography: MCQ Set 1

Goh Cheng Leong Based Questions

Certificate Physical and Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong considered as the best resources for the Physical Geography section of IAS Prelims Exam as well as for IAS Mains Exam. The IAS aspirants should study and revise the Physical and Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong and also practice multiple choice questions based on the various topics provided in the book for IAS. Here, we have provided Geography questions for IAS created from Goh Cheng Leong’s Physical and Human Geography. Such questions are much essential for IAS preparation for Prelims Exam.

Coastal Reforms Set II

Coastal Reforms Set I


Limestone and Chalk Landforms

Arid or Desert Landforms

Landforms of Glaciation


Landforms Made by Running Water


Weathering, Mass Movement and Groundwater


Volcanisms and Earthquakes


The Earth’s Crust


Earth and the Universe


Click here for NCERT based PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY Study Material


IAS EXAM 2019: All you need to know






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