IBPS SO Exam 2015: English Language- Concept & Sample Questions-Idioms & Phrases

The banking team of has come up with concept and sample questions for Idioms and Phrases. This is highly useful for IBPS SO Exam 2015 to be conducted in the month of February 2015.

Jan 8, 2016 15:28 IST
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IBPS is all set to conduct online examination for the next Common Recruitment Process (CRP SPL-V) for selection of Special Officers’ cadre posts in the Participating Organisations. The IBPS SO Exam will be conducted in the last week of January 2016.

The banking team of has come up with concept and sample questions for Idioms and Phrases. The concept provided by us will help you to understand the topic. The sample questions offered by us are framed by keeping in view need of the question paper.

Idioms and Phrases can be recognized through experience. Sometimes ordinary words fail to embody the experience or catch the spirit of the special situations. It means the unit of meaning is different from what the words actually suggest.

For Idioms and Phrases, the test is usually set in two forms; either in direct multiple choice or in sentence form:

A. Direct Multiple Choice

Choose the exact meaning of the idiomatic expressions/phrase given below:

1. To get in hot waters

a) To get into trouble

b) To enter water heated by the sun

c) To be in confused state of mind

d) To drink hot water

e) None of these

Ans. (a)

2. Between the devil and the deep sea

a) To be in dilemma

b) To be angry in temper

c) To choose correctly

d) To live dangerously

e) None of these

Ans. (a)

A. In Sentence Form

Choose the substitute if the underlined phrases/idioms

1. For the first week, the apprentice felt like fish out of water.

a) Frustrated

b) Homeless

c) Disappointed

d) Uncomfortable

e) None of these

Ans. (d)

2. The company has handed over to the new masters lock, stock and barrel.

a) Completely

b) Financially

c) Administratively

d) Partially

e) None of these

Ans. (a)

Sample Questions

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