JEE Main 2017 - 2018 Solved Practice Paper Set-II

In this article, the engineering section of Jagranjosh brings a complete set of 90 questions in the form of solved practice paper for coming JEE Main entrance examination 2018. This practice paper is prepared by experienced Subject Experts. It will help aspirants in their preparation for the examination.

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JEE Main 2018: Practice Paper
JEE Main 2018: Practice Paper

Find JEE Main Solved Practice Paper Set-II based on the latest pattern for JEE Main Entrance Examination 2018.

When only few days are left before the examination all engineering aspirants should focus on solving more and more practice paper which will help them to increase their speed and accuracy in JEE Main entrance examination 2018. With the help of practice paper aspirants can make strategies of attempting the paper.  

About the Paper:

In this practice paper, there are 90 questions and the time allotted to complete the paper is 3 hours. There are three sections in this paper - Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Each section consists of 30 questions. Solutions of all questions are explained in a detailed manner by Subject Experts of each subjects.


There are 30 questions in this practice paper from different topics of Chemistry like Solid State, Solutions, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, General Principles and Processes of Isolations of Elements etc. For each correct answer +4 marks are awarded and zero marks are awarded for unattempted question. There is also negative marking of one mark.

Few sample questions from the Practice Paper are given below:

Q. The unit of ebullioscopic constant is

(a) K kg mol-1 or K (molality)-1

(b) mol kg K-1 or K-1 (molality)

(c) kg mol-1 K-1 or K-1 (molality)-1

(d) K mol kg-1 or K (molality)

JEE Main Chemistry S1

Q. In the electrolysis of aqueous sodium chloride solution which of the half cell reaction will occur at anode?

(a)Na+(aq) + e→ Na (s); Eocell = −2.71 V

(b)2H2O (l) → O2 (g) + 4H+ (aq) + 4e Eocell -123 V

(c)H+ (aq) + e → H2 (g); Ecell =0.00 V

(d)Cl (aq) → -  Cl2 (g) + e; Eocell = 1.36 V

JEE Main Chemistry S2

Chemistry Practice Paper


In this section, there are 30 questions from different topics of Physics like Dimension and Measurement, Gravitation, Electric Charges and Fields, Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance, Current Electricity etc. For each correct answer you will be award +4 marks and for each incorrect answer one mark will be deducted. Zero mark will be awarded for unattempted questions. The difficulty level and pattern of the sample paper matches exactly with IIT JEE Main Physics Question Paper.

Few sample questions from the Practice Paper are given below:

Q. The magnetic field of the earth can be modelled by that of a point dipole placed at the centre of the earth. The dipole axis makes an angle of 11.3° with the axis of the earth. At Mumbai, declination is nearly zero. Then,

(a) the declination varies between 11.3° W to 11.3° E

(b) the least declination is 0°

(c) the plane defined by dipole axis and the earth axis passes through Greenwich

(d) declination averaged over the earth must be always negative

Sol. (a)

For the earth's magnetism, the magnetic field lines of the earth resemble that of a hypothetical magnetic dipole located at the centre of the earth.

The axis of the dipole does not coincide with the axis of rotation of the earth but is presently tilted by approxmately 11.3° with respect to the later. This results into two situations as given in the figure ahead.

JEE Main Physics S1

Hence, the declination varies between 11.3° W to 11.3° E.

Q. A current carrying circular loop of radius R is placed in the x-y plane with centre at the origin. Half of the loop with x > 0 is now bent so that it now lies in the y-z plane.

(a) The magnitude of magnetic moment now diminishes

(b) The magnetic moment does not change

(c) The magnitude of B at (0, 0, z), z > R increases

(d) The magnitude of B at (0, 0, z),z > >R is unchanged

Sol. (a)

JEE Main Physics S1

Physics Practice Paper


One of the most scoring subjects among three subjects is Mathematics. The marking scheme and number of questions are exactly same as other section of the sample paper. There are 30 questions in this practice paper from different topics like Derivative, Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Relation and Functions, Matrices, Determinant, Continuity and Differentiability etc.

Few sample questions from the Practice Paper are given below:

Q. The equation of tangent to the curve y (l + x2) = 2 - x, where it crosses X-axis, is

(a) x + 5y = 2                                     

(b) x - 5y = 2

(c) 5x - y = 2                                      

(d) 5x + y = 2

JEE Main Mathematics S1

Q. The interval on which the function f(x) = 2x3 + 9x2 + 12x - 1 is decreasing is

(a) [- 1, ∞)                      

(b) [-2, - 1]                    

(c) (- ∞, - 2]                   

(d) [- 1, 1]

JEE Main Mathematics S2

Mathematics Practice Paper


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