MBA at FMS | How do Alumni Network help MBA students?

Students from FMS share how alumni network have played a crucial role in their management education in general and getting good MBA placements in particular.

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FMS Delhi is one of the most reputed MBA Colleges in India and one of the prime reasons for it is its illustrious and extensive alumni network. While alumni network of any B-school helps it build its brand, but it is also equally helpful to the students who are studying at the B-school. Faculty of Management Studies, New Delhi, proudly boasts about the strong base of the alumni community that it has nurtured over the years. In return, the alumni community has helped the institute groom their students and prepare them well for the corporate challenges that lie ahead of them. FMS students have leveraged their Alumni base to enhance their employability as per the current market trend. Let’s find out from some of the current students of FMS Delhi on how their alumni have played a crucial role in their management education in general and getting good placements in particular.

Shubhangi Jain

1st Year Student,

FMS Delhi

Shubhangi shares that students studying at Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi benefit a lot from the Alumni network established by the institute. Alumni establish a brand image of the institute in the corporate. So, when the recruiters visit the campus for MBA placements, they take into consideration, the performance of FMS alumnus has previously worked with them or is currently employed there. If the feedback of the employee being hired from FMS is up to the mark then, it reflects well on the placements of the current batch as well. The Alumni set a standard in the respective industry where they are hired about the quality of education and skills that can be expected from the students at FMS. 

Rezvin Basheer

General Secretary, MSA

FMS Delhi

FMS is a popular MBA institute which was established in the year 1954 and since then it has played a big role in guiding the students in the right direction for a bright future. Talking about the Alumni network of FMS, Razvin believes that the performance of the Alumnus in the company where they are employed or were employed has consequences on the MBA placements of the current batch. Alumnus plays the role of an open ticket for the upcoming batches if their performance is appreciated in the corporate.

Apart from the networking of the alumni in the corporate, in general, the Alumni of FMS believes in the student interaction where they share tips and tricks to crack:

1. How to excel in areas of specialisation

2. Which areas need more focus in terms of academic development and placements

3. Offer genuine career advancement advice

FMS assign Alumni mentors to the students in the first six months of joining the course. These mentors guide the students and conduct rigorous interview sessions. Students gain a lot from these sessions at both personal and professional level.

Rahul Philip

President, Systems & Operations Society

FMS Delhi

Another student from FMS, Rahul mentions that Alumni network is an indispensable part of academic growth and development. He has mentioned following advantages that students can derive if they get an opportunity to interact with the alumni:

1. The alumni give reality check about the corporate environment and pass on to the current batch what their experience had been in the industry.

2. They share the know-how of tactical concepts with the students. For say, if a student aims to get into systems and operations profile, an alumnus already working in a similar role will be in a better position to guide the student prepare for it keeping up with the current industry trends.

3. Students get to learn the real perspective of the corporate from the alumni rather than staying abreast only with the theoretical perspective or classroom concepts.

Leena Kiro

President, Vihaan Social Service Cell,

FMS Delhi

Leena believes that Alumni network at FMS will always remain an integral part of the activities that are organised on the campus. Whether it is a fiesta or any academic or cultural event, Alumni interaction is the core of the curriculum at FMS. It is because students leverage the benefits of the alumni interaction during the MBA placement drive. The alumni conduct activities such as:

1. Mock Interviews

2. Interactive sessions (QnA rounds)

3. Provide updates on current events in the industry

Therefore, Alumni presence help students gain confidence when it comes to MBA placements at FMS.

Shivani Joshi

1st Year Student,

FMS Delhi

For a B-School like FMS, the alumni working at the top positions in the industry extend lucrative job opportunities for the students. FMS has a rich alumni base which is spread throughout the country in various domains and companies that opens gates to a lot of opportunities for the candidates. Students at FMS are benefitted in the following manner through the Alumni interaction:

1. Alumni help the students interact with companies when they are on companies to recruit.

2. The institute organizes a lot of interactive sessions with the alumni that acts as a knowledge-booster and prepare them to prepare for the challenges such as Placements

3. Alumnus acts as an immediate point of contact when the student of FMS joins a company in which the alumnus is already working.

Ravi Kumar

1st Year Student,

FMS Delhi

Ravi shares Alumni play a major role in enabling the students to envision the true picture of the corporate. Apart from this, students at FMS get a lot of help from the Alumni in various aspects such as:

1. Alumni help the students prepare for the placement interviews

2. They also give sessions on how to choose the right specialisation in the second year of the MBA program

3. The Alumni also deliver sessions on topics such as self-awareness and why it is important for the budding professionals

Thanmay Krishna

Finance Secretary, MSA

FMS Delhi

Thanmay shared that as FMS holds the status of being one of the oldest B-schools in the country, the institute takes pride in the rich heritage of the illustrious Alumni that have served the interest of the institute in the best possible manner. Students at FMS get immense help from the Alumni especially during the placements in both understanding the placement as a process and in getting reputed recruiters on campus. In addition, the Alumni also talks about how industries work and conduct mock interviews so that the students are well prepared to face the recruitment panel.

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