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MBA Logical Reasoning Questions & Answers – Game Based Caselets Set-II

Aug 3, 2016 09:58 IST

    Questions on Game Based Caselets are common in the CAT exam in the Logical Reasoning Section. One practice exercise on Game Based Caselets has been provided below to sharpen and strengthen your analytical thinking skills.

    Practice test of Game Based Caselets

    Directions (1-15): Read the information given below in each question to answer them.

    There are five race horses Abruzzi, Abnaki, Absinthe, Aachen and AJ Cook that finished a race not necessarily in this sequence.  

    i. Abruzzi finished two positions before Abnaki.

    ii. AJ Cook finished after Aachen but not immediately before Absinthe

    iii. Absinthe followed Abrussi and finished fourth

    1. Which horse came second in the race?

    a) Abruzzi

    b) AJ Cook

    c) Aachen

    d) Abnaki

    2. If the positions of the first and last positions in the race are interchanged, who finishes last?

    a) AJ Cook

    b) Abrussi

    c) Absinthe

    d) Aachen

    3. If there is another horse Aron, that finishes second in the race, what will be the position of Aachen?

    a) Third

    b) Fourth

    c) Sixth

    d) First

    4. If the positions are reversed after another horse Ambal finishing fifth in the race, which of the following horse finishes fourth?

    a) Absinthe

    b) Abrussi

    c) AJ Cook

    d) Achen

    5. If the position of the middle horse remains unchanged and the top and bottom pair of horses interchange their position, which of the horses finish fourth in the race?

    a) Abnaki

    b) Absinthe

    c) Aachen

    d) AJ Cook

    Directions for questions (6 – 8): Read the following passage and answer the three items follow:
    A Sports meet is being organized by AVN School. For the event, 7 players from the school have also been nominated (All these 7 attend the event is not necessary). Out of these P, Q and R are players of Football and T, U, V and W are players of Squash. Atleast 2 Football players should attend the meet. Q and T cannot attend the meet together, R cannot attend the meet with W and T and V cannot attend the meet together.  

    6. If V is selected and Q is rejected, then which four players will attend the meet?

    a) P, R, T and V

    b) P, R, U and V

    c) P, R, V and W

    d) P, T, V and W

    7. If Q is selected and V is rejected, then which of the following is a correct group of players attending the meet?

    a) P, Q, R and T

    b) P, Q, R and W

    c) P, Q, R and U

    d) P, T, V and W

    8. If all the three Football players are selected, then how many combinations of four members can attend the meet?

    a) One

    b) Two

    c) Three

    d) Four

    Directions (9 - 10):  Study the following information carefully and answer the questions below.
    A team of five for a tournament is to be selected from amongst five boys P, Q, R, S and T and four girls A, B, C, and D. Some criteria for selection are ─

    I. P and D have to be together.

    II. A cannot be put with C

    III. S and B cannot go together

    IV. R and T have to be together

    V. C cannot be put with Q

    9. If two of the members have to be boys, the team will consist of ─

    a) PQDPB

    b) PSDBC

    c) QSDCB

    d) RTDAB

    10. If C be one of the members, the other members of the team are ─

    a) ADPS

    b) BDPS

    c) BDRT

    d) DPRT


    Ques 1

    Ques 2

    Ques 3

    Ques 4

    Ques 5

    Ques 6

    Ques 7

    Ques 8

    Ques 9

    Ques 10












    Explanation (1):

    The positions are:


    AJ Cook




    Explanation (2):


    AJ Cook




    Explanation (3):



    AJ Cook








    Explanation (4):





    AJ Cook


    Explanation (5):

    AJ Cook





    Explanation (6): As Q gets rejected; P and R should be there. Also as V is selected

    T cannot be there and as R is selected W cannot be there.

    Explanation (7): QT, RW, VT cannot be together hence options (a), (b) and (d) are eliminated.

    Explanation (8): There are 2 possible combinations of four members:

     P, Q, R, U and P, Q, R, V.

    Explanation (9): If A is selected naturally S has to be selected.

    If B is selected R cannot be selected.

    If D is selected Q cannot be selected.

    So, the options ADSQR and QD are wrong and RTDCB is not possible because D has to be accompanied with P.

    Explanation (10): If C is selected A cannot be selected, therefore option ADPS is wrong.

    S and B cannot go together. So, BDPS is wrong.

    S and P have to be together. So, BDRT is wrong. Now, the team combination will be DPRT.

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