NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English: Marigold Textbook - Unit 3

Get NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English subject. In this article, we have provided NCERT solutions for all the questions of Class 5 NCERT Marigold Textbook -Unit 3: All Chapters.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English: Marigold Textbook - Unit 3
NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English: Marigold Textbook - Unit 3

Students of Class 5 can find NCERT Solutions for both chapters of Unit 3 of the English subject in this article. The NCERT solutions have been provided after a detailed analysis of the marking scheme of CBSE by the English subject expert. Class 5th students can study the answers provided here to score well in school as well as Class 5th annual exams. Unit 2 of Marigold Textbook comprises of two chapters as mentioned below:

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Chapter 1 - My Shadow (Poem)

Summary: This poem is about a child’s shadow which always moves with him. His shadow resembles him. It does exactly the same as what the child does. Sometimes the shadow grows very tall and sometimes very small. One morning the child gets up early before the sunrise. He finds dews on flowers but does not see his shadow with him. The child thinks that his shadow is still fast asleep in bed.

Chapter 2 - Robinson Crusoe (Story)

Summary: Robinson Crusoe had been living alone on an island for a long time because his ship had been destroyed by the sea. He wanted the company to overcome his loneliness. One day he saw a footprint on the sand. He was sure that it was the footprint of a man. He searched for more footprints but couldn’t find any. He got frightened. He ran back to his cave. He could not sleep that night. He thought that the footprint could be one of the savages of the mainland who had wandered out to the sea in a small boat. What would happen if he came with other savages and killed him? He began to pray for protection. Now he felt a little bolder. He wanted to see the footprint again. So, one day he went out to the sea-shore and decided to measure it with his own footmark. He came closer to it and realized that it was not his footprint because he had not come to at part of the beach. Moreover, the footprint was bigger than his own footprint. Now, he became sure that someone lived on the island. He got frightened again and went back to his cave.

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English: Marigold Textbook - Unit 3 | Chapter 1

Ques: Who do you think your shadow looks like?

Answer: I think my shadow looks like me.

Ques: Why do you think your shadow jumps into bed before you can?

Answer: When I go very close to my bed, my shadow falls on the bed before I can go into it (bed).

Ques: What time of the day do you think it is when your shadow is the tallest? Why?




Answer: I think my shadow is the tallest in the morning.

Ques: Read the lines from the poem and answer the following:

(i) Who does he refer to? he

(ii) Who does me refer to?

(iii) Why are he and me alike?

Answer: (i) ‘He’ refers to the shadow.

(ii) “Me’ refers to the child (the speaker) in the poem.

(iii) ‘He’ and ‘me’ are alike because he’ is the shadow of ‘me’.

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English: Marigold Textbook - Unit 3 | Chapter 2

Ques: What made Robinson Crusoe think that the print on the ground was a footprint?

Answer: Robinson Crusoe thought so because it had every part of a foot-toes, heel, etc.

Ques: Why was Robinson afraid when he looked at the bushes and trees?

Answer: Robinson was afraid because he mistook every bush and tree to be a man following him.

Ques: Why did Robinson pray when he saw the footprint?

Answer: Robinson thought that it was the footprint of a savage. He became afraid that the savage would come to him with other savages and kill’him. And therefore he began to pray for his safety.

Ques: Choose the correct answer. 

(i) Robinson ran back to his home, as fast as he could because he

(a) was racing

(b) was afraid

(c) was in a hurry to go home


(ii) He could not sleep because

(a) there was an animal outside his cave

(b) he thought savages had come from the mainland

(c) his bed was uncomfortable.


(iii) Why was Robinson Crusoe sure that it was not his footprint?

(a) It didn’t like a human footprint.

(b) It looked smaller than his.

(c) He had not come to this part of the beach in a long time.


(iv) Where was Robinson Crusoe?

(a) On a boat.

(b) In a town.

(c) Alone on an island.

(d) On an airplane.

Answer: (i)—(b);




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