NDA Exam I 2016: Sample Question Set 1- Polity

Jagranjosh is providing the set of 10 MCQ questions based on the constitution of India, which comes under the General Ability paper. It will help you to prepare for the NDA Exam I 2016.

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NDA Exam I 2016 – 17th April 2016

1.Which of the following election is not conducted under the supervision of Election Commission of India?
(a)Election of vice president of India
(b)Election of states legislatures
(c)Election of local bodies of the states
(d)Election for the Parliament
Ans c

2.The Ninth Schedule to the Indian Constitution was added by
(a)First Amendment
(b)Eighth Amendment
(c)Ninth Amendment
(d)Forty Second Amendment
Ans. a

3.Which one among the following features of the Constitution of India is indicative of the fact that real executive power is vested in the Council of Ministers headed by the Prime Minister?
(b)Representative legislature
(c)Universal adult franchise
(d)Parliamentary democracy
Ans. d

4.According to the Constitution of India, which of the following are fundamental for the governance of the country?
(a)Fundamental Rights
(b)Fundamental Duties
(c)Directive Principles of State Policy
(d)Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties
Ans. c

5.Who said that the preamble is the keynote to the constitution?
(a)Earnest Barker
(b)B.R. Ambedkar
(c)K.M. Munshi
(d)Jawahar Lal Nehru
Ans. a

6.Which of the following is not true regarding the Chief Election Commission of India?
(a)President appoints the Chief Election Commission of India
(b)Chief Election Commission of India can be by the same process as applicable to judge of Supreme Court.
(c)Other election commissioners can be removed by the president on the recommendation of Chief Election Commission of India.
(d)T. Swaminathan was the first chief Chief Election Commission of India.
Ans d

7.Which of the following is not the fundamental duty for Indian citizens?
(a)To safe  guard public property
(b)To protect and improve the natural environment
(c)To obey all the women
(d) To develop the scientific temper and spirit of enquiry
Ans. c

8. The council of ministers is responsible to the……..
(a)Rasja Sabha
(c)Lok Sabha
(d)Prime Minister
Ans. c

9. Which of the following Government of India act is called the mini constitution of India?
(a)Government of India Act 1919
(b)Government of India Act 1935
(c)Government of India Act 1915
(d)Government of India Act1909
Ans b

10. Supreme Court of India was established on the recommendation of
(a)Pits India Act of 1784
(b)Regulating act of 1773
(c)Charter act of 1L793
(d)Charter act of 1813
Ans b

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