NDA & NA (II) 2017 SSB Interview: Do’s & Don’ts in Psychological Test

For the benefit of SSB Interview candidates, the Indian Army has provided a list of Do’s and Dont’s related to Psychological Testing. They are given here.

Nov 16, 2017 18:48 IST
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NDA & NA (II) 2017 SSB Interview: Do’s & Don’ts in Psychological Test
NDA & NA (II) 2017 SSB Interview: Do’s & Don’ts in Psychological Test

Recently, the UPSC announced the results of NDA & NA (II) 2017 Written Exam. The SSB Interview is expected to take place in January 2018. During the 5-Day long process, the candidates undergo various tests by the Boards.

Psychological Test is conducted on Day-2. The test comprises of three different techniques, namely the psychological tests, group tasks and personal interview. For the benefit of SSB Interview candidates, the Indian Army has provided a list of Do’s and Dont’s that must be followed by the selected candidates during the psychological testing.  They are as given below.

Psychological Test Do's

1. Must listen & adhere to the instructions properly.

2. Must clarify all your doubts before the commencement of each test.

3. Must be as imaginative and spontaneous as possible.

4. Must give your first reactions to the stimulus shown to you, don't think twice as there is no right or no wrong answer to the situations and everyone is likely to respond in his own unique ways.

5. Write your responses clearly in simple language.

6. While writing responses your ideas must revolve around the situations or stimulus given to you.

7. Be realistic and logical in your responses.

8. Be attentive and alert and keep a track of time.

9. Carry blue / black pen only, which is fully functional.

10. Listen to the instructions carefully and clarify your doubts before the test starts.

11. During entry and exit in testing hall follow a queue.

12. In case of any problem in visibility of picture and words inform the psychologist on duty after the demo picture / word is shown.

13. Sleep early at night to remain fresh for the next days testing Get up early and freshen up well for the tasks.

14. Adhere to time schedule of testing.

15. Write your name, batch No and chest No correctly where there required.

16. Handle the testing material properly without marking anything in the test booklet.

17. Maintain silence while listening to the instructions.

18. Confine your answers to the space provided for each test as there is no extra sheet provided alongwith the 16 page dossier.

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Psychological Test Dont's

1. Do not use coached / tutored ideas while responding to psychological test battery.

2. Do not be unduly anxious. Keep yourself calm and relaxed.

3. Do not hesitate on seeing the actual problem shown to you.

4. Do not blindly follow guidelines given by any coaching academy for practicing psychological test battery as it creates a mental block which in turn may restrict your spontaneity and creative imagination. While taking coaching is not bad, you must be wise enough to discard what is not desirable to maintain your originality in thoughts.

5. Do not be late in reporting to the testing hall.

6. Do not go to candidates lines during break.

7. Don't make a noise or talk among yourself.

8. Don't be shy in clarifying your doubt regarding the test instructions.

9. Don't use extra sheet or paper for writing the response.

10. Don't mark anything with pen / pencil in the test booklet.

11. Do not bring your mobile phone during the psychological testing.

12. Do not copy the answers of other candidates.

13. Do not keep any reference material in testing hall.

14. Do not ask any doubt from other candidate. Ask directly to the officer, who is conducting the test.

15. Do not disturb other candidates during the testing process.

16. Do not go far away from the testing hall during the short break in between two tests.

We advise the aspirants to go through the above list thoroughly and prepare for the SSB Interview accordingly.

Best wishes from Jagran Josh!!!!

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