CBSE Class 11 Physics NCERT Solutions: Chapter 1, Physical World

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Physical World: NCERT Solutions
Physical World: NCERT Solutions

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Class 11 Physics NCERT solutions for chapter - Physical World:

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In this article we are providing the NCERT solutions for class 11 Physics chapter: Physical World. These solutions are reviewed by the subject experts to deliver an error free content. All the NCERT solutions provided here will help students find the right approach to solve Physics NCERT questions.

Main topics discussed in Class 11 Physics chapter- Physical World are:

  • What is physics?
  • Scope and excitement of physics
  • Physics, technology and society
  • Fundamental forces in nature
  • Nature of physical laws. 

CBSE Class 11 Physics Syllabus 2018 - 2019

Some of the questions and their solutions from NCERT Solutions for Class 11: Physical World, are as follows:

Q. Some of the most profound statements on the nature of science have come from Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists of all time. What do you think did Einstein mean when he said "The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible."

Sol. The physical world around us is full of several phenomena. These phenomena cannot be understood by a layman and hence, the world is incomprehensible for him. When these phenomena are studied and analysed by the experts, we found that these phenomena, either they are subatomic or astronomical, can be explained by few basic laws. Now, the physical world becomes comprehensible. This is the meaning of the Einstein's statement made above.

Q. "Every great physical theory starts as a heresy and ends as a dogma". Give some examples from the history of science of the validity of this incisive remark.

Sol. Heresy is anything or an option against the established theory while a dogma is a well established theory. It is true that every great physical theory starts as a heresy and ends as a dogma. Few examples about it are given below.

(i) According to the geocentric theory given by Ptolemy; the earth is stationary and all other heavenly bodies such as sun, stars and other planets revolve around it. Later on, an Italian scientist Galileo postulated heliocentric theory, according to which the sun is stationary and earth along with other planets revolve around it. This theory was a heresy at that time' but later on, Newton and Kepler supported this theory and it became a dogma.

(ii) Newton's corpuscular theory, according to which light consists of small corpuscules (particle), was started as a heresy and ended in Max Planck's quantum theory of light.

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Class 11 Physics NCERT Solutions: Physical World

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