PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat: Top Excerpt from his Speech to Students Preparing for Board Exams 2017

Find some handpicked excerpt from PM Narendra Modi’s Mann Ki Baat and their explanation which will definitely boost motivation power of every student.

Created On: Feb 3, 2017 15:58 IST

PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat 29th January 2017

PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation in his monthly radio programme 'Mann Ki Baat’. This is the first edition of the year 2017 and mainly focused on students who will appear for 2017 board exams.

In the programme, PM Modi recalled Mahatma Gandhi and urged countrymen to observe 2 minutes silence at 11 am on 30th January to pay tributes to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the motherland. He congratulated the families and personnel who were honoured with gallantry awards (Kirti Chakra, Shaurya Chakra, Vishisht Seva Medal, Param Vishisht Seva Medal, etc.) on Republic Day. He also asked youth of the country to get inspired by their courage and bravery. Thereafter, he gave some very useful tips to the students preparing for 2017 board exams.

Here are some handpicked excerpt from PM Narendra Modi’s Mann Ki Baat and their explanation which will definitely boost motivation and confidence of every student.

Smile More, Score More

Endorphins are released when a person smiles. Basically, endorphins are neurotransmitter which is responsible for making us happy and also lowers the stress level. You can score maximum marks only if you are not under stress. Now you must have understood why PM Modi quoted smile more, score more in 'Mann Ki Baat'.

Exam Is Festival, Enjoy It

You all must have heard the quote that life is not a bed of roses and neither it is a bed of thorn, it is what we make of it. Clearly, students of class 10 and class 12 should consider the board exam as once in a life experience and they must enjoy this experience. PM Modi has elucidated this quote vividly.

CBSE Sample Paper for Class 10 and 12

Proper Rest, Good Sleep, Sports OR Any Other Such Activity

During exam preparation, students must take proper sleep, and do not forget to take naps between study schedules. In fact, this fact has already been proven scientifically that taking naps improves learning ability of a person. Outdoor activities (or any sports) improve the oxygen level in blood and this will improve concentration power of students. Clearly, we can now understand why he said that proper rest, good sleep, sports or any other such activity are three vital pillars of exam preparation.

Relaxation Is The Best Medicine For Recalling

It happens frequently. Due to high-stress level during the exams, students start forgetting what they had learned very well before exams. The stress level in students starts increasing when they think a lot about the result and its impact on life. So it is necessary for the students to concentrate only on the paper and answers, rather than the future result. The key idea is to stay relaxed. This is the reason why PM Narendra Modi said relaxation is the best medicine for recalling. Therefore every student should try to have a peaceful mind while giving exams.

CBSE Syllabus 2017 for Class 10 and Class 12

Compete With Yourself, Not With Others

In this statement, PM Modi wants to tell students of class 10 and class 12 that competing with others will make them unhappy and jealous. So, according to him, you must set your own target and try to achieve that target. The learning of a student depends on the nearby environment. Different students have different grasping power. So, students need to perform well by adapting to the environment and they can adapt well when they set their own targets in studies rather than competing with another student living in a different atmosphere. This is the key idea when he mentioned, “compete with yourself, not with others”.

Happy Mind Is The Secret to Good Mark Sheet

When a student writes answers in answer booklet with the happy state of mind then his or her state of mind will be reflected in the form of good handwriting, great diagrams etc. Clearly, these all will help students to score maximum marks in Class 12 and Class 10 board exams 2017. Now, it is crystal clear how happy mind is the secret of a good mark sheet or good result.

Marks And Mark-Sheet Serve A Limited Purpose

A student with good marks in CBSE Class 12th result may get admission in a prestigious college on the other hand student with fewer marks might not be able to make his to her way to that college. But, getting good college is just a stepping stone; a person without any college education may become a good businessman in future. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc., are some college dropouts who don’t even own a college mark sheet or degree. This was just an example that marks and mark-sheet will only serve a very limited purpose.

Besides above thoughts, PM Narendra Modi also asked students not to cheat in exams. He also asked parents to accept rather than expect, to mentor the child and spend quality time with them during exams.