Practice Question Set on English Language for SBI Clerk Exam 2012

Question bank on English Language consists of 50 questions framed to help your prepare better for the upcoming SBI Clerk Exam.

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Here you find a set of 50 questions on English Language. The questions are framed to allow you to judge for yourself how prepared you are for the upcoming SBI Clerk Exam. Scheduled to be held on 3rd June 2012.

Take the test now to further enhance your preparation.

Directions (Q.1 to 10) Read the following passage to answer the given questions based on it. Some words/phrases are printed in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.

A Russian proverb advises us not to buy a house, but the neighbourhood. While till some years ago it was impossible to dictate who lived with you in the same quarters, today when you think of buying a home, ty0u could actually create your own dream neighbourhood - thanks to the Internet and the group buying model.

The group buying model has been applied in different industries, from cars to baby merchandise to pet care products. Now, the trend is catching on in the real estate sector, with many sites as well as broking firms offering group deals on real estate projects in India.

The way it works is simple. Take for example. This is an online and offline integrated platform which showcases property. It uses social media networks to let buyers know about possible good deals, and leaving it to them to do some viral marketing. Once a large group of buyers is thus formed, introduces it to the developer and helps negotiate a suitable discount.

Since, the developer doesn't have to pay for the marketing, It is wiling enough to pay these companies a transaction fee which is a percentage of the total value of the deal. For the buyers, it offers the best rates at no fee, thus making it a win-win proposition for all involved.

The developers also benefit by getting substantial cash flow, giving them a good amount of working capital. "In today's real estate scenario, bulk buying could be the answer to the market slump and the long awaited cash flow," says the Founder of xxx. com.

Sometimes, the discount size is not to be sneered at. Discounts on group buying vary from 5-30 per cent, the average divergence from market rate being 25-30 per cent Customer 'buy-in' is the model. But is it a temporary fad?

In a way, the online group buying set-up is similar to the model developers share with speculators, who buy in bulk even before the project gets kick-started and get discounts of 30-40 per cent. They pay 50 per cent of the property value upfront. Group buying companies prove more beneficial for developers as they get away with providing lesser discounts than to speculators.

Some sound a note of caution on the trend. Present conditions are conducive for this business model as group buying works well in a situation where stocks are moving slowly, markets are jittery and there is ample supply. It may not work in a seller's' market.

Another caution is - Very often the builders do not offer the best inventory to the group in terms of location and utility. The buyers have to use their astute judgement to avoid such traps.

1. The discount size on group buying, compared to usual discount to speculators is usually

(1) less    

(2) more

(3) equal    

(4) unpredictable

(5) much higher

2. Which of the following may be the objective of the passage?

(1) To reveal. less discounts being offered by the developers

(2) To highlight the problems of housing industry

(3) To highlight the importance of neighbourhood in one's life

(4) To provide information on group buying trends of property

(5) To inform the buyers about ample supply of property

3. Group buying of real estate is done

(1) mainly offline

(2) only offline

(3) only through brokers

(4) either online or offline

(5) in a secret 'manner only

4. are the

(1) developers    

(2) financiers

(3) loan providers

(4) speculators

(5) None of these

5. The group buying model certainly did not start with

(1) cars

(2) real estate

(3) pet care products

(4) baby products

(5) motorcycles


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Practice Question Set on English Language for SBI Clerk Exam 2012

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