Pragati-Growth for Everyone

Techniche, the annual Techno-Management Festival of IIT Guwahati is going to witness its 17th edition in September 2015.

Mar 10, 2015 12:21 IST

Techniche, the annual Techno-Management Festival of IIT Guwahati is going to witness its 17th edition in September 2015. From its humble beginning in 1999, Techniche has grown up to become one of the premier Techno-Management festivals of the nation, which attracts a diverse participation. It encompasses competitive events, lectures, workshops and exhibitions.

Techniche takes up the responsibility of having a significant social contribution and undertake various endeavours to empower the spirit of social well-being and cater the needs of less fortunate and do their bit in bringing happiness, joy and hope to those hollowed eyes that see little in their life to rejoice. They organize various events that provoke for the betterment of the society. This time Techniche have launched “Pragati”, a social initiative event to improve the living conditions and standards of rural people.

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There are a few areas in Guwahati where the basic amenities of people are not met and sanitation is extremely poor. Health conditions are not taken care of and government health services are usually unavailable. Children are deprived of nutrition and their educational background is poor. In fact, most of them work as daily wage labourers along with their parents. Disposal of solid wastes worsens the already poor drainage systems. One such area is the village of ‘Latia Bagicha’ where 'Pragati’ was launched on this republic day.

As a part of Pragati, "Siksha" was launched to serve the basic education of the children. They are being taught elementary subjects like basic arithmetic, natural sciences and other moral principles of life. It is hardly any problem for a student to dedicate a couple of hours of a weekend for the wellbeing of those children. In fact, it gives a sense of self-satisfaction that innocent kids are being helped.

The residents of the village are being educated in the following areas:

  1. Causes of diseases and preventive measures.
  2. Women’s issues.
  3. Effect of tobacco and drinking.
  4. Drug abuse and illicit trafficking.
  5. Importance of sanity.
  6. Providing knowledge about government policies and acts which affect them and other general topics.

They are also being helped to take care of problems like improper sanitation and waste management. The people are improving every day and hopefully, will be lead to a better future.

Growth is a wonderful thing, and its benefits should be reaped by everyone. Unfortunately, in a country as large as ours, with needs and circumstances as diverse, it is a major challenge to bring everyone into the folds of growth. In such a situation, it becomes everyone’s responsibility to ensure that growth does not become a prerogative to certain sections of the society. This is situation not only in Guwahati there are many such areas. They are a small group of people aspiring for a change. Few NGO's have come forward to take part in this programme, but for an effective change, everyone needs to lend a helping hand and turn their efforts into a success.


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