Questions Log asked in SSC CGL 2016 on 1st September 2016

Dear all readers of, here is the sixth day analysis just given below. The overall paper was quite easy.

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Dear all readers of, here is the sixth day analysis just given below. The overall paper was quite easy. In this article, we have made our sincere efforts to display the maximum amount of questions of the examination held on September 1st, 2016. Take the detailed matter regarding it.

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Morning Shift

1. Which gas is used as a coolant in refrigerator   N/A

2. What is the other name of Vinegar? – Acetic acid. Which element is the heaviest metal on the periodic table of elements? – Osmium.

3. Why does the setting/rising sun appear red?- Refraction

4. Rio Summit is done for – Environment and Development

5. Which gas is responsible for the ozone depletion – Chlorofluorocarbons

6. Transistor is used for  – Amplify or switch electronic signal

7. Talikota war in which empire – Vijayanagara Empire and the Deccan sultanates

8. Largest island of world – Greenland

9. Which gas is used as a coolant in refrigerator? –

10. Which of the following is a Dwarf planet? – Pluto, Eris.

11. Glittering of soap bubbles is due to which phenomenon – Interference

12. Who was the Guru of Mahatma Gandhi? – Gopal Krishna Gokhale

13. Dilwara famous temple belongs to which religion – Jain

14. Right to education came in through which amendment – 86th Amendment

15. Who died while playing polo – Qutb-ud-din Aibak

16. Guru of Mahatma Gandhi – Gopal Krishna Gokhale

17. Jawhar Lal Nehru award is given for – International Understanding

18. Gas produced in bleaching powder – Chlorine Gas

19. Sariska and Ranthambore are famous for which animal? – Tigers

20. What is the meaning of IC – Integrated Circuits

21. Andaman and Nicobar is separated by which degree channel? – Ten-degree channel.

Evening Shift

1. Rajya Sabha Member are elected by? – Legislative Assembly of States and Union territories.

2. What are also called as Suicidal bags? – Lysosome.

3. The first inscriptional evidence of the Sati System in India has been found from? – Eran District (Madhya Pradesh).

4. Which of the following is the 1st Green corridor of Indian Railways? – Manamadurai-Rameswaram rail track.

5. Indian Railways issues insurance cover for how much money? – Rs. 1 (Cover of 10 lakh).

6. Ghatampur Thermal Power project is related to which state? – Uttar Pradesh.

7. Special Drawing Right (SDR) is created by? – International Monetary Fund (IMF).

8. Where is the National Rail Museum is located? –  Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

9. Which river is also referred as Dakshin Ganga? – Godavari

10. Optical fiber works on the principle of? – Total internal refraction (TIR).

11. Which city is called as the City of Palace? – Kolkata.

12. ‘Jallikattu’ is related to which festival? – Pongal.

13. Who was the first English/British man to visit Mughal Emperor Jahangir’s court? – Thomas Roe

14. Who founded the Arya Samaj? – Dayananda Saraswati

15. Narmada Dam Water Dispute is between which Indian States – Sardar Sarovar in Gujarat and Narmada Sagar in Madhya Pradesh

16. Which space shuttle carried Sunita Williams beyond the Earth? – Soyuz (Russian).

17. Why is Argon gas used in the Welding? – N/A

18. The term “Bully” related to which game? – Hockey

19. Who are Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratan Awardee in boxing? - Mary Kom and Vijender Singh

20. Who is ‘Sunita Williams’? – Astronaut

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