SBI Branch Manager: Job responsibilities and duties in Metro City

SBI the largest commercial bank of india, has many branches across the country.  When you are posted as branch manager in SBI and in a metro city, you have to take on multiple tasks.

SBI Branch Manager: Job responsibilities and duties
SBI Branch Manager: Job responsibilities and duties

Whenever we walk through the SBI Branch in a metro city, we see from a distance the cabin of the branch manager who is always seen busy with something or the other. We wonder what he has to do actually that he leaves the branch after long working hours. Here we shall try to decode the job profile of a branch manager at SBI in a metro city.

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SBI Branch Manager in a metro city: Being at the Hot Seat

Being posted at a metro branch of SBI is not easy because of the diverse profile of customers available in the metro cities of the country. The job details of the man at the helm of a branch are as follows:

  • Ensuring smooth functioning of the branch: Generally bank branches at the metro cities are big ones with more number of staff. Coordinating properly with all the staff members is the biggest headache of the manager because he is responsible for managing the staff under his supervision.
  • Bringing the business pie: In a metro area, all the banks are present and therefore, the manager has to ensure that customers prefer his bank over others. That means, he has to retain the existing customers as well as bring new ones to the bank.

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  • Providing the best customer service: Being the boss without not having to be at the forefront is much  difficult because he has to ensure that his staff members are behaving properly with the customers because at the end of the day, that is what matters the most in today’s competitive banking sector.
  • Coordinating with the higher authority: The branch manager is the contact person for the higher authorities of the bank and that is why, he is answerable to them for everything that is happening at the branch. Moreover, in case the branch requires something, the branch manager has to get it approved from the higher authority.
  • Complying with Compliance Rules: It is a very important aspect of banking these days especially because of recent frauds in the banking sector. In the metro areas, it is more likely that fraudsters are in the run, so it is the wisdom of the branch manager that comes into picture at this juncture.
  • Loan Recovery: It is the most important thing for a manager to do because of the mounting pile of bad debts in the banking sector these days. It is the duty of the credit officer as well as the branch manager to ensure maximum recovery from the bad loan accounts.

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  • Handling a diversified clientele: In a metro area, generally banks deal with a lot of things like forex business, remittance services etc. The branch manager may have officers in place but it is the ultimate duty of the manager to ensure that problems of various types of customers are addressed properly, otherwise there is no dearth of options for customers.
  • Meeting the targets: Though targets are generally given for the whole branch, the branch manager is held responsible if targets are not met. Hence, he has to ensure that all the staff members are working to the best of their abilities to fulfill the targets. He has to manage his staff in the best possible manner in order to get the optimum output from them.
  • Thinking on his feet: This is the thing that a manager has to do all the time. Whenever an issue is referred to a manager, there must be something irregular in that and that is why, the branch manager has to be smart enough to deal with it. He needs to bring in all his experience to do this.

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