These School and College stationery items never get old, get it at just Rs. 99

These School and College stationery items never get old. Be it a pencil box kit or a notepad, you will need them now and forever to complete to day-to-day-tasks.

Created On: Apr 24, 2019 15:42 IST
These School and College stationery items never get old, get it at just Rs. 99
These School and College stationery items never get old, get it at just Rs. 99

School life looks colorless without stationery items such as a pencil box kit, notepad or even a pen holder. These are the small-small things that add value to the school days. School students consider the stationery products as their valuable asset as they not only look colorful but also are of great use when it comes to taking notes, draw diagrams, and insert charts and tables on a piece of paper. These colorful and stylish stationery items also support students in completing their projects on time and with accuracy & neatness.

 As a matter of fact, the value of these items does not get diminished once students move out of school life and enter college. Whether you want to keep your study table organized or want a notepad to make notes about different subjects, the stationery items are there to help you all the way.

Watch out for these stationery items that will stay with you forever and help you complete your daily work in a flawless way.

Apsara Scholars Kit

Sharing things with friends is good; however, at times it becomes embarrassing and waste of time to ask friends for small help every now and then. You need to go school with full preparation, and this Apsara Scholars Kit will help you complete your school assignments on time. The kit has a pack of ten pencil along-with 3 long-point sharpener, 1 tidy sharpener, 5 long-rub erasers, 1 non-dust jumbo eraser, one 15 cm scale and 12 shade wax crayon.

Now, the next time, you need a pencil or a sketch pen to make notes or draw pictures; you can just use your own scholar kit.

Get this pencil box Kit @ just Rs. 99

Metal Mesh Desk Organizer

If you too many things on your study table and it’s looking unorganized, then it’s time to buy this Study Table Organizer. It has separate compartments for holding pen, sticky note pad, stapler and their school essential items. In addition, the organizer has three additional compartments for storing paper clips as well. Start keeping your pens, pencils scissors and other supplies in this organizer.  

Buy this Desk Organizer @ Rs. 999 Rs. 445 and keep your study table clean

5 Subject Single Ruled Notebook

If you want to write the notes of different subjects in one notebook, then get this Single Ruled Notebook now. This notebook will help you to make notes of different subjects in a perfect way, and separate the notes with a colourful bookmark. Isn’t that awesome?

This notepad will help you to revise the topics for your exam in quick time.

Get it now @ Rs. 170

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