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School of Aeronautics was established in 1992, since than we are providing only aviation related courses to students. We have 80 to 85 percent placement for the students with 3 to 7 lac as annual package. Our alumni are working in 200 plus companies after successfully completing their courses from School of Aeronautics.

School of Aeronautics
School of Aeronautics

School of Aeronautics was established in 1992, since than we are providing only aviation related courses to students. We have 80 to 85 percent placement for the students with 3 to 7 lac as annual package. Our alumni are working in 200 plus companies after successfully completing their courses from School of Aeronautics.

School of Aeronautics is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University (RTU) and licensed by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

We are providing B.Tech in Aeronautics & Mechatronics and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. We also have facility where students can go for integrated course of B.Tech (Aeronautical) and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, both the courses will be running parallel to each other, at the end of four years students will have both B.Tech (Aeronautics) & Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, their by making him eligible for both manufacturing as well Maintenance jobs related to aircrafts. This will also enhance the placement probabilities as we will be able to apply every type of job available in aviation industry, either related to manufacturing or maintenance.


All the labs are very well developed in the college, we have our own 52 seater fully serviceable aircraft for training to students. We concentrate a lot on skill development of student. In addition to academic theory and practical’s, we are providing additional classes of French language and software’s like CAD, CAM, CATIA, CFD, MATLAB & ANSIS. This helps the students to enhance their software skills too which will help him to make their own models and do software analysis. French language is also provided to students


Basically aeronautical involve activity of designing, developing and constructing of machine planes that can fly, as commonly known by aircraft.

The aeronautical engineers primarily responsible for creation of safer and more energy efficient economical methods for travelling including aircraft, helicopters, satellites, missiles and spacecrafts. These includes science of propulsion and aerodynamics, even it covers the development and selection of materials and equipment that are utilized in aircraft.

Aero Engineer's are part of the designing process to make that fastest vehicle. Eg: Airplanes that weights over a million pounds can ease into the air and spacecraft travels 17.000 miles an hour.

Aeronautical Engineers Employers Includes

HAL, NAL, Defence services, ISRO, DRDO, Taneja Aerospace, Mahindra Aerospace, GE, Snigma, Infotech on national basis to name a few, whereas on internationally one can look for employment in Aer Lingus, Airbus the Air Corps, FLS Aerospace, Rolls Royce and Ryanair. Their are approximately 200 plus companies where our students are working after successfully completing their courses.

Higher Studies

They can also go for higher studies in the field of Aerospace, Rocketry, Propulsion, Aerodynamics, Avionics and Structure etc.

Aeronautical Engineering Future Prospects includes

1. Create new, innovative methods of transportation to meet future demands.

2. Improve safety of an aircraft travel with more energy-efficient, economical methods.

3. Develop and manufacture of rockets and satellites.

4. Research and development formula one racing cars

5. Perform and supervising the design of military aircraft.

Considered as the most challenging of all the trades in engineering, aeronautical engineering is the most sought following course among numerous Engineering Colleges in India. Enrolled into this course, you get the privilege to function with the finest created and developed and technologically advance branches of engineering. Aeronautical engineering is all about designing and construction, testing and operation as nicely as maintenance of aircraft and aircraft components. The engineers would be working for the most guarded and expensive equipments that the investigation and development people have come up with. And they would be subjected to world class facility when they are by way of with the course. There are different Career Alternatives in Engineering.

Basically, the thrust in this region is on development and style of equipments which extends even to space and satellite investigation. It is a real exciting field with immense scope of opportunities which ensure that you grow professionally, understand and satisfaction of job. Somebody going in for aeronautical engineering has to be physically fit and fully committed to the work at hand. Several students are generating a bright Career in Aeronautical Engineering.


Mechatronics is a design process that includes a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, telecommunication engineering, control engineering, computer engineering, robotics, product design and manufacturing, in order to improve or optimize the product functionality.

Nature of Job

Mechatronics is a new, interdisciplinary field involving synergistic combination of precision mechanical engineering, electronic control and systems thinking in the design of products and manufacturing processes, that is to say, it rejects splitting engineering into separate disciplines. Originally, it just included the combination of mechanics and electronics, hence the word is combination of mechanics + electronics = Mechatronics, however as technical systems have become more and more complex the word has been broadened to include more technical areas.


The course prepares the student for new emerging, cutting edge technologies of present and future machine vision, Automation and robotics, servomechanism, sensing and control systems, computer, such as computer driven machines like IE CNC milling machines, expert systems, Diagnostic, reliability and control system techniques, computer aided & integrated manufacturing systems, computer added design etc. In short, after completion of the course, the student will be fully equipped to undertake all future R & D Challenges.

It is pertinent to mention that the machines being used in industry now a days, require more of Mechatronics Engineers, as most of them are controlled by advance computerized systems, PLC programming, electrical system and electronic system along with Mechanical Systems. Mechatronics engineers are cross trained in Robotics, PLC programming, computers, electrical and electronics. More and more engineers will be required for successfully operating and maintaining these fully automated machines in Industry. There are only 16 colleges in India offering this course. Placements are very high for the students opting for this branch of engineering. Students successfully completing degree in Mechatronics can go further studies too.


Approved by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course is a 2 years course divided into 6 Semester. Initial 5 Semester consist of theoretical & practical training and last or 6th Semester consist of only practical on-job-training. Students are required to pass the semester exams of this institute to be appear for basic license exam (BAMEC). At the end of course, course completion certificate is also issued to students from the college as per DGCA requirements.

Various Papers in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Avionics System are:

Paper 1 : Aircraft Rules and Regulations.

Paper II : General Engineering and Aircraft Practices.

Paper III (Avionics) : Aircraft Electrical System, Aircraft Instrument System, Aircraft Radio and Navigation System.

Admission Procedure

Application form can be downloaded from website. 

For more details candidate may visit institute website

# 09870273846, 09811315363, 011-25084354, E-mail:

Disclaimer: The information provided in this Notification is solely by School of Aeronautics;. bears no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the information. Individuals are therefore suggested to check the authenticity of the information.


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