Secrets that you must never reveal in office

Informal relations are a part and parcel of office life. But there are some secrets that you must never reveal at your workplace.

Secrets that you must never reveal in office
Secrets that you must never reveal in office

Office seems like a second home when you spend several hours with the same people every day. And while your interaction with them goes for hours and hours for either official purpose or personal reasons, a boning develops naturally with them. In the midst of these chats, as a working professional you tend to forget that there is a thin line between personal and professional relation and you tend to go over the board to discuss issues on which you must stay shut otherwise.

Because it is ways to be safe than sorry and you might land up troubles due to casual chats, so here we bring for you a list of topics which you must refrain from at the workplace:

1. Don’t preach any political party

It is good to have your own opinion and fondness towards a political party, but if this inclination brings disharmony at work and with your peers and managers, better not to bring this matter on the table. After all you are getting paid for the work done as per for job profile, not for promoting a political party. A healthy discussion about the political and economic scenario would surely give a boost to your business growth, but if it is coupled with negativity and tension due to overbearing political views, then keep the talk at bay.

Don’t let politics become the bone of contention at the workplace. You might end up under a manager who is a religious fanatic of opposing party in which you believe. And this doesn’t necessarily indicate that he/she is an irrational person. 

2. Never bring family to desk

Whether your mom suffers from influenza, or your kids have got admission in the best school in Delhi or you are planning an international family vacation, no one is interested in your personal life. Rather, they might spoil your plans when you would really need leaves for leisure or emergency purposes.

It has often been observed by many employees that the contingency arrives in office when they need have planned for the holidays in advance. They end up being the spoil sport in the family and are blamed for the resulting disappointment. 

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3. Avoid being Gossip Monger

Well said..! From office romance to catfights, there are lot of things that happen at workplace. People share their love stories and some share their bad experiences with the bosses and other departmental teams. All these aspects are a part and parcel of office life. When you stay at a place for more than 8 to 9 hours and meet same people regularly, stories are borne to spread. But as a responsible person, don’t be the messenger or gossip monger in the office.

This often lead to misunderstandings and even if you do not carry the intentions to hurt anyone inadvertently, you might become the muse to blame on for the wrong done.    

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4. Keep your career goals under the wraps

Planning a big career move, better than the current one is a common phenomenon. This also indicates that you possess the spark and are flexible to work in dynamic settings. But while you have carved dreams for a better prospect, there might be peers and colleagues around you, who will deliver your goals and aspirations to the HR manager. This in turn might bring added troubles in your life. If you have plans to prepare for the government job while working, you might be loaded with additional responsibilities to leave you fatigued and frustrated at the end of the day. And if you will be busy searching job elsewhere, they might find your replacement and sack you uninformed or on a notice of few days.

Thus, it is advisable to keep the career goals under wraps and stay away from uninvited troubles at the workplace.

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5. Do not honk your job change plans at work

Changing job is a good idea only till you do not share your plans with office colleagues. The day you start sharing details about the job switching, there will be two scenarios in which you can get caught. Either your plans will reach the HR department of the organisation putting your job to risk or your colleagues might end up grabbing the job opportunity that you were vying for.

So, better keep your plans concealed till the time you do not get the desired job offer.

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