Should sex education be taught in schools

Since the surge in the cases of HIV-AIDS and sex-related crimes, there has been an increasing demand to impart sex education in schools. While there are some who are in support of the move, there are some who are against it.

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One of the most controversial topics that education experts have been discussing is whether sex education is taught in schools. While many believe that school students are at the right age to be given sex education, there are others who say that school students are not that mature to understand the nuances of the subject.

sex education in schools

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Even as the issue remains one of the most debated ones, it will always have divided opinion.

Yes, sex education should be taught in schools: Due to the large scale exposure to media, whether television, print, or the internet, children now have an easy access to sexually explicit content. Hence they tend to gather knowledge according to their age and understanding.

The number of incidents related to sex-related crimes is on a high and even more alarmingly the offenders in most cases are youngsters or juveniles whose mental development is not complete and they hardly have any clear insight about relations between the two genders.

Barring a few parents, a large number of parents consider sex education as unnecessary and a taboo to talk about sex to their children.

It is made to believe that sex is something dirty and should never be talked about whereas the fact is sex is a natural phenomenon just like other faculties of the human body. This is where the students should be given primary knowledge.

Systematically provided sex education will help students to learn about the process of reproduction and procreation. Information about safe sex will bring down the cases of teenage pregnancy, unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and HIV-AIDS. Students will become responsible and better-informed citizens and this will even help in controlling the population.

Sex education will dispel myths and provide them with correct knowledge. School students are going through many bodily changes and here sex education will answer their questions about sexuality and changes in their bodies and thinking as well. It will give them a healthy perception about theirs as well as bodies of the other gender and make them responsible adults.

No, sex education should not be taught in schools: It is very much possible that sex education will not serve its purpose as students are very much likely to take it carelessly given the age factor. Students might treat it as just another free period to have fun and maybe don’t even attend the classes.

With so much literature about sex being already available in the form of stories, pornography, and online sex clips they might consider themselves to be much better aware than their teacher.

Even if schools introduce sex education as a subject the pressure from the society and families is likely to stop them as there are very strong reservations related to religion and culture as there is a belief that children should not be exposed to sex.

The experts who will be assigned to give lessons have to be highly qualified as only a specialist can convey the right message the right way and answer all the questions correctly and to the utmost satisfaction of the student. Children are vulnerable and any inaccurate information imparted can do more harm than good.

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