SSC CGL questions asked in Tier-1 held on 9thAugust, 2017

Find out the maximum number of questions for SSC CGL tier-1 exam 2017 held on 9th August, 2017 for all shifts. Remaining questions will be updates very shortly. 

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ssc cgl 2017 questions
ssc cgl 2017 questions

Dear Aspirants, SSC has successfully finished the Tier-1 exam for its CGL entry. Now, A lots of students are seeking for the questions inquired in the exam. SSC has planned the exam in three shifts: Morning Shift (10:00 AM to 11:00 AM), Afternoon Session (1:15 PM to 2:15 PM) and Evening Session (4:15 PM to 5:15 PM). The scheduled/revised exam dates are from 5thAugust, 2017 to 24thAugust, 2017.

In this article, you will procure the maximum questions asked in CGL exam held on 9thAugust, 2017 based on section wise and topic/subject wise. Go through the all questions and solve them at your own expertise. During attempting the questions, you will be aware of what kind of questions are asked, pattern, difficulty level and safe attempts.

Let us go for the asked questions in SSC CGL tier-1 2017 in depth-

ssc cgl 2017ssc cgl 2017

SSC CGL Tier-1 2017 Questions Asked 9thAugust 2017: Shift 1

General Awareness

1)      In Rajasthan Mirage is formed due to the effect of               ? – Refraction

2)      Indian of the year Award was given to? – Preeti Shenoy

3)      The theory of Sovereignty is given by? – Austin

4)      What is theory of equilibrium?

5)      Which is the weakest bone in human body? – Spinal cord

6)      One question related to Demand Draft.

7)      One question based on temple & God. You have find the correct option which matches the correct temple with God.  The Question was:
Lingaraj Temple – Mahavira
Venkateswara Temple – Shiva
Tirthankara Temple – Vishnu
Lingaraj Temple – Shiva
Venkateswara Temple – Vishnu
Tirthankara Temple – Mahavira

8)      Arrange the following in the order events had taken place in Indian history (Ascending Order).
Answer: The correct sequence is
i) Non – Cooperation movement – 1920
ii) Poona Pact – 24 Sep 1932
iii) Quit India Movement – 8 Aug 1942
iv) Cabinet Mission – 1946

9)      What is the function of kidney? – Extraction of waste from blood, balance body fluids, formation of urine.

10)   What is cyclone called in China?

11)   Amazon river flows through which country?

12)   Konark temple was made by which king?

13)   Forest institute of India is in which state?

14)   Whos is the Author of the book ‘Numbers do lie’?

General Intelligence and Reasoning

1)      Matrix – The word SCAM was given.

2)      AGM : IOV :: BHN : ?
Ans. – JPW

Quantitative Aptitude

1)      Pie Chart based Data Interpretation

2)      Three Sphere having the radius 3 cms, 4 cms & 5 cms. These spheres are melted & a new sphere is formed. Find the volume difference in percentage of the old & new sphere?

3)      Reeta has 20% more salary than the Meena. Then by what percentage the salary of Meena is less than the Reeta?

4)      Find the difference between the compound interest of half year & simple interest of one year?

English language and comprehension

1)      Cloze Test based on “Politician & Opposition Party”

2)      Active & Passive Voice –

  1. She teaches us English.
  2. Rita asked Meera will you help me in project just now?

3)      Sentence Improvement – The Government will take up new rail project. The options were:
i) Take Off                  ii) Take in                             iii) Will take                              iv) No Error

4)      Para Jumble based on “Bureaucrats”.

5)      Synonyms of – Dodge, Nebulous

6)      Idioms – Spick and Span, Big Hand

7)      Misspelt word – Translucent, Blissful

SSC CGL Tier-1 2017 Questions Asked 9thAugust 2017: Shift 2

General Awareness

1)      Who is the miss universe 2017? – Iris Mittenaere

2)      Bacteria was discovered by? – Leeuwenhoek

3)      First governor general of Bengal was? – Robert Clive

4)      Bug is a? – The software bug is a problem causing a program to crash or produce invalid output

5)      Blood pH is basic or acidic? – Basic

6)      India touches maximum borderline area of which country? – Bangladesh

7)      Deendayal Rasaoi yojana starts at first in which state? – Madhya Pradesh

8)      Which game is not played by ball?

9)      Executive head of our country?

10)   One question based on Monopoly market

11)   One question based on property of electromagnet waves.

12)   One question based on Computer Virus.

13)   One question based on Friction Force.

14)   One question based on Books & Author.

15)   One Question based on Pradhan Mantri Deendayal Yojana

Quantitative Aptitude

Will be updated shortly.

English Language and comprehension

Will be updated shortly.

General Intelligence and Reasoning

Will be updated shortly.

SSC CGL Tier-1 2017 Questions Asked 9thAugust 2017: Shift 3

Will be uploaded very soon.

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All the best!

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