SSC GD constable 2015: Morning Shift question paper

In this article, we have shared a question paper for SSC GD Constable exam 2015 held in the morning shift. Check the question's difficulty level, type of questions and topic wise question question breakups. get the full exam paper here..

Sep 4, 2017 18:31 IST
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ssc constable question paper
ssc constable question paper

Dear SSC aspirants, we are sharing a full paper for SSC GD constable exam 2015 held in Morning Shift. This paper contains questions from General intelligence, General knowledge, Elementary Mathematics and English Language. Each section is comprised of 50 questions ranging from easy to medium level. So, attempt all questions and prepare study accordingly.

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SSC GD Constable 2015: Question paper

Part A: General Intelligence and Reasoning

1.Find the odd one out.

a) JG

b) RN

c) NJ

d) UQ

2. Find the odd one out.

a) 22

b) 12

c) 15

d) 18

3. Find the odd one out.

a) Speed post

b) SMS

c) Letter

d) Money order

4. Observing the Trend find the missing number.

5              4              3

6              7              8

4              2              ?

34           30           30

a) 5

b) 3

c) 6

d) 10

5. DIMO : DMIO :: JUVR : ?





SSC GD constable 2015: Reasoning question paper (Morning Shift)

Part B: General Knowledge and General Awareness

6. The smallest ocean is:

a) Pacific

b) Arctic

c) Atlantic

d) Indian

7. The quarters of Word Trade Organisation (WTO) is situated in:

a) London, UK

b) Geneva, Switzerland

c) New Delhi

d) Washington, USA

8. When water freezes its density _____.

a) Remains constant

b) Increases

c) Decreases

d) Becomes Zero

9. The headquarters of United Nations Organization is located at:

a) Geneva

b) New York

c) Washington

d) Rome

10. The acid which fails to liberate carbon dioxide form sodium bicarbonate is:

a) Sulphuric acid

b) Formic acid

c) Carbonic acid

d) Acetic acid

SSC GD constable 2015: GK question paper (Morning Shift)

Part C : Elementary Mathematics

11. 16 men are able to complete a piece of work in 12 days working 14 hours a day. How long will 28 men, working 12 hours a day, take to complete the work?

a) 7 days

b) 10 days

c) 8 days

d) 6 days

12. A certain sum amounts to Rs. 1725 at 15% per annum at simple interest and Rs. 1800 in the same time at 20% per annum at simple interest. Find the sum.

a) 6%

b) 7%

c) 8%

d) 9%

13. A dealer marks his goods 20% above cost price and allows a discount of 10% to his customers. His gain percentage is-

a) 6%

b) 7%

c) 8%

d) 9%

14. Raja can do a piece of work in 20 days while Ramesh can finish it in 25 days. Ramesh started working and Raja joined hum after 10 days. The whole work in completed in

a) 20 days

b) 16 2/3 days

c) 15 days

d) 18 days

15. 1008 divided by which single digit number gives a perfect square?

a) 7

b) 8

c) 9

d) 4

SSC GD constable 2015: Elementary Mathematics question paper (Morning Shift)

Part D: English

Question Nos. 16 to 18

Directions: Some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of a sentence has an error and blacken the circle corresponding to the appropriate correct option. If a sentence is free from error, blacken the circle corresponding to “No Error” option in the Answer Sheet.

16. He finds fault at everything I do.

a) He finds fault

b) at everything

c) I do

d) No error

17. The kitchen need painting badly and I must get it done.

a) need painting badly

b) The kitchen

c) and I must get it done

d) No error

18. If I will play my best I can win any day against anybody.

a) if I will play my best

b) I can win any thy

c) against anybody

d) No error

Question Nos. 19 to 20

Directions: A part of the sentence is underlined. Below are given alternatives to the underlined part which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed choose ‘No Improvement”.

19. Years ago, I met a man which was President and Chairman of the board of a company.

a) No improvement

b) Who

c) Whom

d) Whose

20. Covering thirty kilometers in thirty minutes are not a great distance using a brand new car.

a) aren’t a great distance

b) No improvement

c) is no distance

d) is not a great distance

SSC GD constable 2015: English question paper (Morning Shift)

All the Best!!

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