SSC Subject Expert- Practice questions for Alphabest Test

There are 25 selected questions out of the alphabet test in reasoning section in which major questions are put from the previously asked questions in various examinations. that's why, this set is not only helpful in SSC exams also in other government sector exams.

In this article, we have provided 25 questions on Alphabet test. This series will be helpful in scoring good marks in various SSC exams including SSC-DP, MTS, CHSL and CGL. Now, Here question arises that

Why this test is important and necessary to learn?

Why SSC has included this in the examination?

The Alphabest test is designed to test your knowledge on dictionary as it includes the arrangement of words in alphabetical order. The general problems out of this section forms with Alphabets. In the dictionary, Every word is prepared and arranged in the same systematic manner.

For Example: - Read, Rim,  Room, Run, etc. It is the sequence of words in the dictionary.

 In the above example, the first letter is ‘R’ while second letter ‘e’,’I’,’o’,’u’,  are in ascending sequence. Hence, in dictionary, first you find ‘Read’, then ‘Rim’ and so on.

Practice test

1. If the following five words are arranged in alphabetical order, which word will come in the middle?


A. Draw                                                   

B. Read

C. Play

D. Back

E. Want


2. Which of the following words will come fourth in the English dictionary?

A. False

B. Follow

C. Faithfully

D. Fool

E. Fallible


3. Which of the following words will come second in the English dictionary?


A. Magical

B. Magnify

C. Maternal

D. Marshal

E. Magnetic


4. If the letters in each of the following five words are first rearranged in the alphabetical order and then the groups of letters so formed are rearranged as in a dictionary, which word would have its group of letters in the middle among the five?


A. Road

B. Deaf

C. Code

D. Lack

E. Meet


5. Arrange the following words according to dictionary arrangement:

1. Epitaxy

2. Episode

3. Epigene

4. Epitome

5. Epilogue


A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

B. 3, 2, 5, 4, 1

C. 3, 5, 2, 1, 4

D. 5, 4, 2, 1, 3


6. Which name will come in the last in a telephone directory?


A. Mahender

B. Mahendra

C. Mahinder

D. Mahindra

E. Mohinder


Directions: In each of the following questions, five words are given. Which of them will come in the middle if all of them are arranged alphabetically as in a dictionary?



A. Spine

B. Spinal

C. Spinner

D. Spinet

E. Spindle



A. Butterfly

B. Butler

C. Butcher

D. Button

E. Butter



A. Cruise

B. Crupper

C. Crusade

D. Crude

E. Crumb



A. Miniscule

B. Minimalis

C. Minority

D. Miniature

E. Ministerial



A. Rumbustious

B. Rumanian

C. Rumour

D. Ruminate

E. Rumple



A. Savour

B. Save

C. Savage

D. Sausage

E. Saviour


Directions (Questions 13 to 15): Arrange the given words in alphabetical order and tick the one that comes at the second place.



A. Bathing

B. Banking

C. Backing

D. Banishing

E. Barricading



A. Basis

B. Baste

C. Bask

D. Bassinet

E. Basinet



A. Maritime

B. Marine

C. Marigold

D. Marmalade

E. Marital


Directions (Questions 16 to 20): Arrange the given words as in a dictionary and tick the one that comes fourth.



A. Repeat

B. Replete

C. Real

D. Rest

E. Reserve



A. Antecedent

B. Antibiotic

C. Antelope

D. Anthropology

E. Anthrax



A. Harridan

B. Harness

C. Harpoon

D. Harrow

E. Harmony



A. Carbonate

B. Carburation

C. Carbohydrate

D. Carbonise

E. Carbolic



A. Grating

B. Gratuity

C. Gravel

D. Gratitude

E. Grave


Directions (Questions 21 to 25): Arrange the given words in the alphabetical order and tick the one that comes last.



A. Preformative

B. Predispose

C. Preferential

D. Prefabricate

E. Predictor



A. Prewar

B. Preview

C. Prevent

D. Perview

E. Previous



A. Propriety

B. Proposition

C. Prosecute

D. Proposal

E. Prosody



A. Warring

B. Waving

C. Watching

D. Waiting

E. Wanting



A. Transmit

B. Transplant

C. Transport

D. Translate

E. Transition


To download answer key, Click here.

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