Strategies to find the perfect job in 2018

Follow these key strategies while applying for a job in 2018

Perfect Job in 2018
Perfect Job in 2018

The year 2017 was a nightmare for job seekers. It was majorly due to the fall in growth for Indian firms that they decided to wait when it came to hiring employees. There were many factors such as demonetization, funding issues and fall in economy growth rate that impelled Indian companies to first streamline their business, and then hunt for the right candidate. In this process, everything got delayed, and existing employees preferred to stick to their places, making the life of job seekers even more difficult. The situation was worse in 2017 as many companies were seen laying off employees in bulk.

Nevertheless, things have slowly started to change this New Year, and there will be no dearth of job opportunities by the end of 2018. If you are already working somewhere or looking for job, remember to work according to the following strategies:

Rise in demand for tech professionals

This year, tech hiring will be on rise not only in IT/ITES companies but also across non-tech companies. Almost every company in 2018 will heavily focus on adapting to efficient ways of operating that will lead to rise in demand for technology professionals. Therefore, as a tech professional if you possess right skill set and have keen interest in big data analytics, 2018 will bring loads of good news for you.

Changes in the skill set

2018 will be the year of changes in terms of your skill set. From now onwards, you cannot vouch on your old skills as that may become invalid in coming times. Therefore, you need to start grooming yourself as per the modern industry demands rather than valuing your previous qualifications. Today, every industry is influenced by virtual automation, big data analytics and changing products owing to the stiff market competition that lies ahead.

This is the time, when some old jobs will get redundant, therefore, see the changes happening in market, be observant, and try to acquire the right skills according to the recent market demands.  

Compensation Vs experience

Good news for young fresh graduates who possess the right skill set. This is the year when seniors (experienced professionals) will be valued less as compared to youngsters. Today, companies are looking for talents irrespective of the years of experience. Companies want outcomes now, and are ready to pay well to freshers who can showcase their skill set, ability to learn and positive set of mind.

Verification will taken seriously  

From this year onwards, companies will be strict on scrutinizing and cross-checking the profiles of candidates applying for a job. Therefore, make sure to type your name on Google Search and see what information about you is public. Also, try to run a hygiene check on your social media profiles such as LinkedIn and Facebook as recruiter may take a look at these social networking profiles as well. Maintain good relationship with your boss and co-workers as recruiters may cross check about your personal and professional attitudes by contacting them.  

Recruiters will spend less time on resumes

The pressure to meet deadlines and choosing the best talent from a wide range of job applications, recruiters will now spend less time on seeing every resume. Therefore, your resume should attract the recruiter in less than 10 seconds. Focus on writing an impactful resume, and make it crisp yet effective. Writing a good resume will be important in 2018. Your resume must cover your key objectives, professional goals and behavioural traits at the first place.

With the right skill set and positive bent of mind, you are bound to get success in 2018. In case, you have something to say, please feel free to write down your views in the comment box below. Further, you can also share this article across your circle to let your friends know about the hiring trends in 2018.

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