Syllabus of Philosophy Paper for UPPCS Main Examination- 2012

Here you can find the syllabus of Philosophy Paper for UPPCS Main examination. It is divided into various sections.

Created On: Feb 3, 2012 17:27 IST

Here you can find the syllabus of Philosophy Paper for UPPCS main examination. It is divided into various sections. Each section is important for your success in this exam. You should read the Philosophy Paper syllabus thoroughly and plan your preparation accordingly.


Paper -I

History and Problems of Philosophy : (Section-A)

1. Plato : Theory of ideas. 

2. Aristotle :  Form, matter and Causation. 

3. Descartes :  Method, soul, God,Mind-Body dualism. 

4. Spinoza: Substance, Attributes and Modes, Pantheism.

5. Leibnitz :  Monads , God. Continued.... Continued.... Size : 25 cm x 38 cm = 950 Sq. cm.Page No. : 4(Anu Image Maker)

6. Locke: Theory of knowledge, Rejection of Innate Ideas, Substance and Qualities. 

7. Berkeley :  Refuta-tion of Matter, idealism. 

8. Hume : Theory of knowledge, Scepticism, Self, Casuality. 

9. Kant: Apriori andaposteriori knowledge, analytic and synthetic judgement, possibility of synthic apriori judgement, space,timer categories, ideas of Reason, Criticism of the proofs for the existence God.

10. Hegal :  DialecticalMethod, Absoulte ideaism. 

11. (a) Moore : Defence of Common sense, Refutation of idealism. 

11. (b) Russell: Theory of Descriptions, Incomplete Symbols. 

12. Logical :  Atomic Facts, Elementary Propositions, PictureAtomism (Wittgenstein) Theory of Meaning, Distinction of saying and showing. 

13. Logical Positivism :Verification Theory. Rejection of Metaphysics, positivism Linguistic Theory of Necessary Propositions. 

14.Phenomenology :  Husserl 

15. Existentialism:  Kicrkegaard, sartres. 

16. Quine :  Radical Translation. 

17.Strawson: Theory of Person.

Section - B

1. Charvak : Theory of knowledge, Materialism.

2. Jainism : Theory of Reality. Syadvada and Saptabhanginaya,bondage and liberation.

3. Buddhism : Pratityasamutpada, Ksanikakvada, Nairiatmyvada, Schools of Budhism.

4. Sankhya :  Prakriti, Purusa, Theory of Causation, Liberation 

5. Nyaya -Vaisesika :  Pramanas, Self, Lib-eration, Nature of God and proofs for existence of God. Categories, Theory of causation, Atomism. 

6. Mimansa : Theory of knowledge, Prama, Pramanas, svatahpramanyavada. 

7. Vedants : Sankara, Ramaujaand Madhva ( Brahma, Isvara, Atma Jiva,Jagat, Maya, Avidya, Adhyasa, Moksha).


Socio Political Pholisophy and Philosophy of Religion

Section - A

1. Political Ideals : Equality, Justice, Liberty 

2. Sovereignty 

3. Individual and State 

4. Democracy:  Conceptand forms 

5. Socialism and Marxism 

6. Humanism 

7. Secularism 

8. Theories  of  Punishment 

9. Violence,non-violence, Sarvodaya 

10. Gender -Equality 

11. Scientific Temper and Progress 

12. Philosophy of Ecology

Section - B

1. Religion ; Theology and philosophy of Religion 

2. Religion and Morality 

3. Notions of God; Personalistic,impersonalistic, Natuaralistic.

4. Proofs for the existence of God. 

5. Immoratility of Soul 

6. Liberation 

7. Religious knowledge; Reasons, Revelation and Mysticism 

8. Religion without God 

9. Problem of Evil

10. Religious  olerance.