CBSE Class 12 Commerce Important Questions: Accountancy, Economics & Business Studies| CBSE Term 2

CBSE Class 12th Sample Papers have been released in January 2022. Check the commerce stream subject's questions below. Download PDF of papers below. 

CBSE Class 12th Commerce Questions
CBSE Class 12th Commerce Questions

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies exam would be conducted on May 17, 2022. CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12th Term 2 Exams have been released on Those who are from Commerce stream can find the set of important questions below. These questions would be helpful for the students who are to appear in the exams like CBSE 12th Term 2 Accountancy exam, Economics exam or business studies exam. Check the important questions related to the CBSE syllabus below. 


CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Syllabus-TERM 2-Download PDF: CBSE Board Exams 2022!

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper With Solution By Experts! Last Minute Revision: CBSE Term 2 Exam

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CBSE Term 2 Class 12th Sample Paper 2022: Commerce Important Questions


1. Madhav, Madhusudan and Mukund were partners in Jaganath Associates. They decided to dissolve the firm on 31st March 2021. Pass necessary journal entries for the following transactions after various assets (other than cash) and third-party liabilities have been transferred to the realization account:

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(i) Old machine fully written off was sold for ₹ 42,000 while payment of ₹ 6,000 is made to the bank for a bill discounted being dishonoured.

(ii) Madhusudan accepted an unrecorded asset of ₹80,000 at ₹75,000 and the balance through cheque, against the payment of his loan to the firm of ₹1,00,000.

(iii) Stock of book value of ₹30,000 was taken by Madhav, Madhusudan and Mukund in their profit sharing ratio.

(iv) The firm had paid realization expenses amounting to ₹5,000 on behalf of Mukund.

(v) There was a vehicle loan of ₹ 2,00,000 which was paid by the surrender of an asset to the bank at an agreed value of ₹ 1,40,000 and the shortfall was met from the firm’s bank account.

2. Yogadatra Ltd. (pharmaceutical company) appointed marketing expert, Mr Kartikay as the CEO of the company, with a target to penetrate their roots in the rural regions. Mr Kartikay discussed the ways and means to achieve the target of the company with financial, production and marketing departmental heads and asked the finance manager to prepare the budget. After reviewing the suggestions given by all the departmental heads, the finance manager proposed the requirement of an additional fund of ₹52,50,000. Yogadatra Ltd. is a zero-debt company. To avail of the benefits of financial leverage, the finance manager proposed to include debt in the capital structure. After deliberations, on April 1, 2020, the board of directors had decided to issue 6% Debentures of ₹100 each to the public at a premium of 5%, redeemable after 5 years at ₹110 per share.

You are required to answer the following questions:

(i) Calculate the number of debentures to be issued to raise additional funds.

(ii) Pass Journal entry for the allotment of debentures.

(iii) Pass Journal entry to write off the loss on the issue of debentures.

(iv)Calculate the amount of annual fixed obligation associated with debentures.

(v) Prepare Loss on Issue of Debentures Account.

3. What do you understand by terms ‘primary key’ and ‘secondary key’ in a database?

4. State any three features of the computerized accounting system. 

5. Name and explain the function which returns the future value of an investment that has constant payment and interest. 

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Business Studies:

  1. Identify and explain the two sources of the source of recruitment that cannot be used when the existing staff is either insufficient or does not fulfil the eligibility criteria of the jobs to be filled. 
  2. Explain the two concepts which are part of the exercise that would reveal whether a company is understaffed, overstaffed or optimally staffed. 
  3. Mr. Pawan Kumar, the CEO of an E-Commerce startup, which was facing the problem of huge employee turnover, decided to hold a meeting with the managers to discuss the issue. While addressing the managers in the meeting, he advised them to take certain measures which focus on psychological, social and emotional factors, in order to motivate employees. Explain any two such measures discussed by him, when he suggested that job should be made interesting so that the job itself becomes a source of motivation, employees should be congratulated for good performance, also, stability regarding future income and work should be provided to employees, in order to develop a positive attitude among the subordinates. 


1.‘Pesticides are chemical compounds designed to kill pests. Many pesticides can also pose health risks to people even if exposed to nominal quantities. ‘In the light of the above statement, suggest any two traditional methods for replacement of the chemical pesticides.

2. ‘In recent times the Indian Economy has experienced the problem of the Casualisation of the workforce. This problem has only been aggravated by the outbreak of COVID-19.’ Do you agree with the given statement? Discuss any two disadvantages of casualisation of the workforce in the light of the above statement. 

3. ‘Monetary measures offer a valid solution to the problem of the Inflationary gap in an economy. State and discuss any two monetary measures to justify the given statement.  

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