The smartest ways to handle peer pressure in college

Peer pressure in colleges and the smartest ways to handle them.

Created On: Dec 23, 2019 18:26 IST
The smartest ways to handle peer pressure in college
The smartest ways to handle peer pressure in college

The irony of life is that the individuality of a person also depends on co-existence. There’s no independent string as such in the instrument of life, and, for the music of survival to flow, every string needs to work in harmony.  We have been given a society to live in, and we all are part of a group that keeps on varying on the scale of tradition, culture and time. However, the fact remains the same that we are undeniably the part of a particular group, where every individual tries to gel up with the philosophy of that respective peer group.

It creates a constant pressure on an individual to keep up with the pace of the peer group and perform to fit box-by-box with this ecosystem. Sometimes, it’s fulfilling and challenging while on some days, it takes a heck lot of stress and anxiety to abide by the principles of the respective group. For instance, if everyone in the group is intellectually sound and doing great in college, you being the part of that group will take it on your ego and push yourself to do well in academics to fit into the race. So far, so good! Nevertheless, there are times, when a group behaves differently that aren’t your cup of tea. Things such as partying, shopping, and flaunting the uber-cool lifestyles, which completely falls on your wrong side makes the situation worse for you. In such situation, you start feeling the pressure of doing such things that are beyond your instincts, but any which way you do to prove yourself. This result in stress and anxiety that eventually pushes you back in the dark slumber of depression.

Relax! Take a deep breath! We are here to help you manage peer pressure when you have become a part of a group whose taste, preferences and values differ in every sense:

Know yourself

Keep asking yourself about your limits and challenges and become your own judge in adverse situations. Simply try to avoid those situations which you think are not right for you or your will is not allowing you to jump into a thing that everyone from that group is doing. Know your boundaries and refrain from trespassing it irrespective of what your group is doing. Remember, you are best at what you are!

Be aware and focused

Always stay focused irrespective of what others are doing. It is not normal if someone from your group tries to force or trick or make serious fun out of you. In such situations, try to act mature and ask them politely to stop doing such things. It is even better, if you start maintaining distance from such groups for your betterment. Don’t let things get over you!

Find a group that you can relate to

Start spending time with people who understand your emotions and respect your feelings. Observe people around your circle with whom you feel comfortable and build your relationship with them. This will lead you to handle peer pressure smoothly.

Take your stand

For the sake of gelling up well with a group, you don’t need to copy or do what others are doing. It is not at all important to please everyone in the group. If at times, you feel disrespected or uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to have your say and make things clear, there and then.

Take advices

At any point of time, if you feel alone or stressed, don’t let the depression take over you in any way. Go and ask for advices from parents, close relatives or from those who understands you better. This will help you to release the pressure and you will start fresh all-over again. Sometimes, counseling do help as well when the situation gets out of your hand. So, go for it, if needed!

This is how, you can let go of the peer pressure by simple acting smart and mature at difficult times. So, keep your calm and step ahead in your life!

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