Tips to ace your first job interview

From dressing to talking, everything done right takes you a step closer to your first job. Here are some useful tips for every student who is preparing for an interview.

Tips to ace your first job interview
Tips to ace your first job interview

A lot is at stake when you go for your first job interview. You want to give your hundred per cent and bag the job offer and end college on a high note. However, this will only be possible if you prepare well for the interview and that includes more than knowing how to answer the expected questions. From dressing to talking, everything done right takes you a step closer to your first job. Here are some useful tips for every student who is preparing for an interview.

Before the interview

Do your homework: Try to get as much information as you can about the company you are applying for a position at. With everything going digital, it is easier than ever to find data regarding the mission and vision of the company and the things they are looking for in the employees. In case there is a question about how you aim to take the company forward, you can answer it easily.

Get to know about your role: You will definitely be asked a question about why do you deem yourself to be fit for the role you have applied for. To answer it properly, you need to know what the job demands from you and for that, you need to do a proper background research.

Practice getting interviewed: There are lot of articles on the internet which discuss the most common interview questions. Read them so that you have the basic idea of what you might be asked. You can also ask a friend or a relative to take a mock interview so that you know how to frame your answers and be spontaneous.

Dress properly: Your clothes make the mark on the interviewer before you even start speaking so make sure they are prim and proper and suit the occasion. Don't go for the interview in casual clothes as that will give a very negative impression of you. The formal clothing will reflect your professionalism and help you gain those brownie points without having done anything major. In a study it was found out that the interviewers make up their mind about any candidate in the initial 3 minutes and after that they spend next 30 minutes trying to justify their choice. For men, professional dressing means wearing a suit in most cases, irrespective of the post they are applying for. If you have a doubt about what you should do, it will be safe to go conservative. When it comes to women, the position and company determine the clothing. For an IT company or a management position, it would be advisable to wear a formal suit, whereas for something which involves writing like journalism or for posts of social media manager etc can, Indian wear like kurti can also work.

Prepare the resume properly: Take time and make the resume with care and attention. Things that you write can be turned against you if you are not able to provide proper justifications. Copy pasting stuff  from the internet to sound fancy might cost you the job so it's better that you don't do it.

During the interview

Stay calm. Sure, it is easier said than done but you have to do it if you don't want to start fumbling and eventually get too nervous about things. If you cannot seem to stop your thoughts from forming a chain, take deep breaths and focus on any one particular thing. This trick always proves to be helpful and will actually calm your nerves. Remind yourself that this is the first interview and not the last. Don't attach more importance to it that you should.

By now you should have an idea about what the company wants from you. Incorporate those qualities (or fake them) and present yourself in the best possible manner. How you present yourself and sell your skills will determine whether or not you get the job.

Be attentive and listen to what the interviewer has to say. Maintain eye contact as not doing so will make you it look like you lack confidence. Say whatever you have to say but don't be too assertive about it as no one wants to talk to someone who is so stubborn about their thoughts and ideas that they don't want to hear anybody else out.

Be ready with questions to ask after the interview as it shows you are taking an active interest in what you could be doing and have knowledge about the subject.

After the interview

Shake hands with the interviewer and thank them for taking out time to interview them.

To sum up...

You might feel pressured before your first interview but the truth is that, irrespective of what the result is, you should keep faith in your talent and keep moving in the direction of your dreams.

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