Top Ten Medical Schools in the World

List of Top Ten Medical Schools of the World: The top ten medical colleges of the world are known for their notable recognitions and research programs

Feb 23, 2011 12:39 IST
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Top Ten Medical Schools in the World
Top Ten Medical Schools in the World

Medical aspirants must realise the importance of choosing the right medical college as only well trained doctors are capable enough to take the responsibility of a life. Thorough knowledge and precise training make the foundation of a successful doctor. Jagranjosh tells you about the top ten medical schools in the world


  1. Harvard University
    The Medical School of the Harvard University is situated in Boston and has been ranked the best medical college in several rankings. Established in 1782, Harvard Medical School has produced numerous Nobel laureates. Every year it changes the lives of hundreds of students by leading them into the noble profession.
  2. University of Cambridge
    The School of Clinical Medicine of the University of Cambridge is located in England. Established in 1540, it is the second best medical college of the world in our rankings. It is known for providing high-class research excellence, medical education and clinical academic training to its students.
  3. Yale University
    The Yale School of Medicine, an integral part of the Yale University, was established in 1910. It is situated in New Haven in Connecticut and is ranked the third best medical college in the world. It is a world-famous biomedical research centre. Known for its research centre, it had given the world the concept of chemotherapy.
  4. University College of London
    The medical school of the University College of London was founded in 1987. The University is located in London and is the fourth best medical college in the world. It admits 330 students a year for MBBS and offers various other post graduate programs.
  5. Imperial College of London
    This college ranks number five in our list of best medical colleges of the world. The Faculty of Medicine of this College was started in 1997 and it is today amongst the largest medical institutes of Europe.
  6. University of Oxford
    Being one of the oldest Universities of England, it gives a tight competition to the Imperial College of London and is ranked number six among the world’s best medical colleges. Its Medical Sciences Department offers degree courses in diagnostic imaging, neuroscience, clinical embryology and others.
  7. University of Chicago
    The Pritzker School of Medicine of the University of Chicago is the seventh best medical college in the world. Located in Illinois, it started its first batch of medical students in 1927. The School offers various joint degree courses at MD and PhD level such as the Medical Scientist Training Program.
  8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    MIT’s Medical School is associated with the medical school of the Harvard University. It is more popularly known as the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology. However, it is an altogether different school from Harvard’s own Medical School. Founded in 1971, it is located in Cambridge and bags the eighth position in world’s best medical colleges.
  9. California Institute of Technology
    Famously known as Caltech, the institute is popular for its special course named Medical Scientist Training Program. The Institute is located in California and till date has been awarded with 5 Nobel Prizes; one of which is in the field of Medicine. Owing to its popularity, it is the ninth best medical college across the world. 
  10. Columbia University
    The Columbia University of New York was established in 1920 and bags the tenth position in the list of top ten medical colleges of the world. The University has professional schools dedicated solely to medical science. These are College of Dental Medicine and School of Nursing, College of Physicians and Surgeons, and Maliman School of Public Health.

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