UP Board Exams Preparation: Last 2 Month Action Plan!

U.P. Board exams are one of the most important landmarks in the academic career of any student. Doing well in the board exams lays the groundwork for higher education and professional programmes that the students will take up in the future.

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UP Board Exams Preparation Tips
UP Board Exams Preparation Tips

U.P. Board exams are one of the most important landmarks in the academic career of any student. Doing well in the board exams lays the groundwork for higher education and professional programmes that the students will take up in the future. With almost 8 months gone; many students, who have failed to follow a well planned U.P. preparation strategy for Board exams are often left in a limbo. With no idea about how to proceed with U.P. preparation for the last phase, students often suffer from depression and anxiety.

Although, four months may look like a short time, but it is more than enough for U.P. Board preparation. U.P. Boards preparation, especially in last four months requires an action oriented approach that helps students to achieve the necessary targets covering the entire syllabus. The challenge of covering the entire U.P. Syllabus within 2 months may seem like a daunting task right now, but if you follow a well planned 2 month intensive U.P. Board Exam preparation strategy, it may help you to cross the line easily.  

So here are the secrets to scoring well in your U.P. Board Exams with a dedicated 2 month preparation plan.

1. Time Management

Time can be your biggest enemy and your best ally, in the U.P. Preparation process. To manage your time in the most efficient manner, build a daily, weekly and monthly timetable with goals that you have to achieve. Plan your time depending upon the topics that you need to cover and set fixed timeline for it. Don’t worry if you are unable to fit the entire syllabus in your timetable; pick topics that are most important and carry highest number of questions and associated marks for the Board Exams.

As the cliché goes ‘all work and no play’ doesn’t work. So devote a part of your time for things apart from studying as well. It will help ease up the stress and pressure while keeping you fresh for study hours.

2. Understand the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

With no time to fool around, students facing U.P. Board Exams should go through the entire exam syllabus thoroughly and jot down all the important topics based upon the marks allotted to them as per the U.P. exam pattern. Doing so will give you a clear picture about the topics and subtopics you should focus upon. It will also help you to time your preparation for different subjects, chapters and topics.

3. Strengths & Weaknesses

With almost 8 months gone, there will be certain subjects, topics and chapters that are you are well versed in and certain that need special attention. Classify the topics you need to cover into strong, average and weak sections. Begin by focusing upon topics that you are weak in and try to understand them well. Next, take up average topics that can easily be converted into your strengths by putting in a little extra effort. Strengths will always be your strong suit and will require just some brushing up for the final exam. This reverse preparation method has been recommended by many U.P. experts and has worked wonders for students, if followed correctly.

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2. Plan Your Day

Once you begin studying for U.P. Boards, you will realize that no matter of planning and time management is going to keep things organized. This is because, mostly students prepare weekly or monthly preparation schedule. To keep things simple and avoid overburdening yourself, it is important that you plan small and keep your targets realistic and achievable. Every day in the morning, plan your entire day by allotting specific hours for daily chores, study time, relaxation and even some entertainment. It is important that you executive the day wise plan with effectiveness and cover all the goals within the stipulated time.

5. Keep Some Spare Time

While studying is important, keeping some spare time to relax and unwind is equally important for U.P. students. At the end of the day, your brain is a body organ and needs time to cool off after being exerted through the day. Devote some time for easy studying, entertainment, relaxation and physical exercise. The spare time will not only help you to relax your body and mind, but also create a buffer time zone that can be utilized in case you are unable to achieve your goals for the day.

6. Mock Tests & Previous Years Papers

While textbooks and reference books are your primary weapons as far as tackling U.P. Board exams are concerned, but no level of studying will help you if you do not know the style, type and format of the questions being asked in the exam. To solve this, start solving previous years question papers and taking mock tests and guess papers for U.P. board exams. Along with questions, these U.P. Question Paper Sets also include correct answers and their detailed explanations that will help you understand how to format and draft your answers well.

The mock tests and pervious year questions paper sets are easily available online. You can buy them here.

7. Study Groups

Study Groups can also help you achieve your goals of covering U.P. syllabus with ease. However, it is advised that you pick a group that is serious and dedicated about preparation. There are several advantages of study groups, the primary one being that the students are able to share their doubts and make a collective effort to solve them. Secondly, the peer pressure also keeps all the students in the group on their toes and motivates them to study faster and better.

8. Achieve & Reward Policy

The 2 month intensive U.P. preparation strategy can be quite challenging task for students. Therefore, it is important to create small landmarks and celebrate your achievements through a reward policy. The ‘Achieve & Reward’ policy inspires the students to keep up with their timetable and achieve the pre-decided goals in a systematic manner. More than the actual reward, it is the feeling of achievement that acts as a motivational factor and helps students perform better in a limited time frame.

9. Sleep & Rest Well

Let’s admit that the 2 month intensive U.P. Board Exam preparation plan is going to be a challenging task not only for your mind but also for your body. Therefore, it is important to allow your body to relax and rejuvenate from time to time. Start your day with simple meditation routine that will help you get into shape for the tough day ahead. During the day, take out some time to relax your body through some simple exercises or a 10 minute of jog or brisk walk. At the end of the day, sleep well and do not worry about tomorrow’s schedule or tasks; everything will fall in place if you believe in yourself.

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