UPSC IAS Prelims Exam: Environment and Ecology: Glossary of Terms - 4

The Environment and Ecology forms an indispensable part of the Civil Services Prelims Exam especially after the year 2011 and the combining of the Indian Forest Services Preliminary Exam with the Civil Services Prelims. Here we are presenting a glossary of terms

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The following is the last part of the glossary of terms for the Environment and Ecology

Spatial Resolution
The minimum area on earth's surface that can be captured by a satellite sensor as being separate from its surroundings and is represented by a "pixel".

Spectral Resolution
The range of wave lengths that a satellite imaging system can detect. It refers to the width and number of spectral bands. The narrower the bands, the greater the spectral resolution.

Thematic Maps
Maps, generally on 1:50,000 scale, showing forest types, major species composition, crown density and other land uses prepared by interpretation of aerial photographs and verified by ground truthing.

Tree Cover
It comprises of tree patches outside the recorded forest area exclusive of forest cover and less than the minimum mappable area (1 ha). Such small patches comprising of block, linear and scattered trees are not delineated as forest cover during interpretation of satellite data. The areas of scattered trees are computed by notional numbers.

Trees Outside Forests (TOF)
Trees growing outside recorded forest areas.

Tribal Districts
Districts identified as tribal districts under Tribal Sub-Plan (Government of India).

Unclassed Forests
An area recorded as forest but not included in reserved or protected forest category. Ownership status of such forests varies from state to state.

Very Dense Forest
Lands with forest cover having a canopy density of 70 percent and above.

Visual Interpretation
A manual method of satellite data interpretation, normally by using magnifying glass and light table.

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