UPSC NDA NA (II) Exam 2017: English Practice Questions – Sentence Improvement

This practise set consists of 10 Questions on the topic ‘Sentence Improvement’. Correct answers with explanations are also given.

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For the benefit of UPSC NDA & NA (II) 2017 Exam aspirants we are providing practice questions for the English section. This practise set consists of 10 Questions on ‘Sentence Improvement’. At the end, correct answers with explanations are also given.

1. I am sure you may be a good cricketer if you had not wasted your time on trifles.

(a) must be

(b) will be

(c) would have been

(d) No improvement

2. It is better to love and lose than not to have loved at

(a) be loved and lost

(b) have loved and lost

(c) have been loved and lost

(d) No improvement

3. We have received no message from our friend since he had gone to london

(a) had been gone to London

(b) has gone to London

(c) went to London

(d) No improvement

4. If they were knowing about the crab, they would not have decided to picnic there.

(a) had known

(b) knew

(c) did know

(d) No improvement

5. They have not spoken to each other since they

(a) because

(b) for

(c) ever since

(d) No improvement

6. Eggs are usually sold in the dozen.

(a) by the dozen

(b) by dozen

(c) in dozen

(d) No improvement

7. I will tell you if and when it will be completed.

(a) it would be completed

(b) it will be completed

(c) it is completed

(d) No improvement

8. I have great pleasure in seeing you this morning.

(a) to see

(b) on seeing

(c) for seeing

(d) No improvement

9. If you were the Prime Minister of India, what steps would you have taken to end unemployment?

(a) will you take

(b) will you be taking

(c) would you take

(d) No improvement

10. Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which you are used to see in print.

(a) used to see printed

(b) used to seeing in print

(c) used to in print

(d) No improvement

Answers with Explanations

1. (c) It is a conditional sentence. In the ‘if clause’, ‘if had’ is used so in the other it should be ‘would’ have been.

2. (c) Completed action demands “have loved and lost”.

3. (b) Completed action so it should be “has gone”.

4. (a) Again conditional sentence so it should be “if they had known”.

5. (c) ‘ever since’ gives the complete idea i.e. from the

6. (a) For measuring use “by the”.

7. (c) Double ‘will’ are not to be used.

8. (d) It is correct to say “pleasure in”.

9. (c) It should be “would you take” because it is in notional future.

10. (b) “are used to” means “accustomed to” so should be followed by a gerund.

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