What Are The Problems Faced By Freshers In College?

Entering college is like starting a new life which shapes a person's outlook for many years to come. We list some problems which can spoil a good beginning of a fresher in college.

What Are The Problems Faced By Freshers In College?
What Are The Problems Faced By Freshers In College?


College happens only once in your life and it would be really unfortunate if you do not make the most of it. In the process of making it a memorable experience, you will face many challenges but they need not stop you from utilizing the time you have earned by working so hard.

When a person leaves for college, he embarks on journey of self-reliance and self discovery but under-preparation and lack of perspective can result in them being overwhelmed and taking a longer time to adjust to new life.

Realizing what the problem is, is the first step towards analyzing and then solving it. Here are a few challenges faced by students when they enter college as freshers.

Adjustment to new life

Leaving the emotional and physical comfort of home and coming to college to live with strangers can be particularly difficult for certain students. If you are not someone who opens up easily to people, things can be extra difficult for you. However, you must get used to feeling this way because there will be many instances in future when you will find yourself in a situation like this and you must know that college is just the beginning of it all.


Try to understand that which person can be your good friend and which cannot. Spend more time with the friendly ones and avoid company of others. You do not want to get into fights in the first month of college itself.

Academic pressure

The pressure of studies will increase considerably in college and might find you reeling under stress. College is a place where you will find toppers from different schools and things would be really competitive. It is important to understand that while marks are not everything, they are still very important as people are going to gauge your talent based on them. The journey from school to college can be tough if you do not understand this idea.


Create a balance between scoring and learning. Do not stress yourself out so much that you stop enjoying other things in college but do not get so relaxed that you do end up failing or scoring so less that it becomes a problem.


You will find different kinds of professors in college and while some will be a delight to study under, other might conduct lectures which will bore you to death. Some professors expect every student to take an active part in the discussions and this is something which might come as a challenge for someone who is quiet in nature or does not have as much information about the topic as others students.


Be smart with the professors but also be honest. Tell them if you are struggling with something and they will definitely help you out. If they don't, escalate the matter to someone senior. Understand that teachers also have a lot to do and are more busy than you are. Cut them some slack and try to be patient.


Students who are new to college are often asked to do things which they might not be comfortable doing. This form of bullying is prevalent in all kinds of institutions and there have been some really dreadful cases where the students were deeply damaged emotionally and physically.
On April 24, 2014, the University Grants Commission (UGC) asked institutes to install electronic surveillance systems and alarm bells to curb instances of ragging, especially inside canteens, hostels and along college corridors and lawns.

A lot of times, seniors do not realize that what is fun for them is actually mental torture for their juniors and fail to draw a line between entertainment and agony. The experience can be scarring for someone, a fact that is evident by the number of suicides and medical cases registered due to ragging.


Be in touch with the anti-ragging squad of your college and contact your teachers if you have been put in a situation you found uneasy. Don't shy away from telling about it to your parents as they are the ones who can provide you help even while being away. You should also make some good friends who can be approached in case of ragging and act as your emotional support as well.


Your expenses will skyrocket as you reach college and this might turn out to be a very big problem. Money matters keep us stressed, especially in college where there are multiple other things to worry about. From organizing roommate's birthday party, to donation, to making an assignment, everything requires money and this could put you in a worrisome situation.


When it comes to money matters, saving is the biggest solution when you are not earning. You can save money in various ways , for example, you can cut down on eating costs by having meals in the mess or by limiting your shopping spree to sales. You can also start earning by doing jobs after your classes. These can include working for eating joints, or teaching tuitions etc.  


These are the five major reasons of worry for a student but with the solutions provided they shall not be a big reason to worry about. Ultimately, it's how you deal with situations which shows your true character and it will be the thing which sails your boat in college.

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