What is Product Line and Product Depth?

Important banking qna for banking aspirants, which is helpful in banking exam.

Created On: Jun 8, 2015 16:34 IST
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Product line is the group of products manufactured by a company that are closely related in use and in production and marketing requirements.

A product line is a number of products grouped together based on similar characteristics.

The depth of the product line refers to the number of different products offered in the same product line. Taking Hindustan Unilever as an example, bathing soap constitute one product line of the company while fabric wash another, tea a third and cosmetics yet another product line. In the product line of bathing soaps, HUL has several items/brands like Dove, Liril, Lux, Lifebuoy and Hammam. In the product line of fabric wash, there are washing soaps, detergent powders and detergent bars. AU the product lines of HUL together constitute the product mix of HUL.

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