Why People prefer doing MBA?

Why do MBA? GMAC has highlighted the top 3 reasons for doing MBA considering the Job Market in 2016. Read full information at jagranjosh.com.

Why People prefer doing MBA?
Why People prefer doing MBA?

The MBA Story

Welcome to 2016, where every one in four people have mastered the Business Administration. MBA serves as an attractive platform for your career. It assures that extra push which can trigger the escape velocity, to land you a worthwhile managerial job.

There are many B-schools to suit your level of aptitude. CAT, XAT, (G)MAT are no more alphabetical examples taught in school. These are the words which decide your future.

So the questions arises that,


Has the MBA job market been able to keep pace with the thousands of MBAs that the B-schools are pumping out?

Let us take a glance at the case study about the present MBA job market and then arrive at a final verdict.

Introducing the GMAC Survey:

The recent Corporate Recruiters Survey, which is a yearly survey executed by GMAC (the Graduate Management Admissions Council), has some good news for fresh MBA graduates!

The survey was conducted between October 27 and November 16 2015 by GMAC, a global non-profit organization which consists of graduate business schools around the world. This council also conducts the GMAT exam.

The survey gathered feedback from 179 recruiters from 159 companies of different sizes and different fields, spread over 31 countries or regions worldwide. The survey is aimed at THROWING LIGHT ON 2016 JOB MARKET to assist the business schools and graduate business students to judge future market prospects.

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A recent overview by GRADUATE MANAGEMENT ADMISSIONS COUNCIL has highlighted 3 major prosperity regarding why people prefer doing MBA over and above other professional degrees.

1. Procedure Improvement

As per this overview, 34% people pursue MBA degree because they seek procedure improvement. The term procedure development can be understood as they an inspiration to fulfil promotion, status, technical aptitude in the actual status quo of a person.

What does an MBA give you?

i. K-Knowledge, S-aptitudes, and A-Ability subdivision

ii. An occasion to set up procedure buildup

iii. A casual to develop managerial aptitudes

iv. A path to improve job aptitude and effectiveness

v. A buildup staging to develop technical aptitudes

vi. A portion to gain international exposure

Considering these benefits, job professionals are more and more becoming interested in shaping their procedure with an MBA degree? This degree is an entry to those dreams which do not restrict a person from climbing corporate ranking.

2. Procedure Turning

Adding to it, for 38% people, procedure turning is the sole motivator that drives them to pursue MBA degree. The term Procedure Turning implies that that hopeful who seek newer and better occasion in some other industry. Management education can provide them an overview to understand which Industry and vertical best get up their likableness and interest area.

Changing procedure path is someone else latent yet adventurous expeditions which people want to experience. It might arise due to the following prosperity:

i. Monotony in the actual job profile

ii. Job profile and likableness misfit

iii. Lack of vision in fulfill the targeted goals

iv. Lack of buildup in the industry/ area of aptitude

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All these prosperity can force a person to pursue a course that can impart professional degree and a focused specialization. These days MBA is achieving momentum in the market because of the range of niche in its basket for its likely agreeable.

3. Achieving Executives Aptitudes

Further, 28% people prefer MBA degree because they aspire to become an executive. A professional degree in management education can impart the vital attitudes to them which will be beneficial in their buildup. Alongside, the MBA degree would polish their decision-making attitudes too.

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