World Book Day 2021: 7 Dream Jobs for Book-Lovers and Bibliophiles

This World Book Day 2021, if you feel that you are the kind of person for whom the book job bell tolls, then check the list of 7 dream jobs for book-lovers and bibliophiles. 

World Book Day 2021
World Book Day 2021

World Book Day 2021: This World Book Lovers Day, celebrate by reading a book, about books. This unofficial holiday helps bibliophiles to celebrate reading and literature. I think for at least one day, everyone can put away their smartphones and other technological distraction and pick up a book to read. Many of us have read books. Book lovers must have smelled them. They have caressed them and become intimately familiar with their nooks and creases. Imagine a life where you are paid to read books. Maybe that sentence does not make you faint with joy, but to a bibliophile, this is the dream.

The ultimate dream of any avid reader is a personal library, filled floor-to-ceiling with literary favourites. Until one can reach that dream, they can check 7 dream jobs for book lovers and bibliophiles. Whether you are looking to portray your love of reading into a side gig or are hoping to launch a full-time career, a little bit of originality may help you land a book geek-friendly job.

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So, let’s check out 7 Dream Jobs for Book Lovers and Bibliophiles.

Book Reviewer, Reading Through Your Dreams

Reading can be more than just a hobby. You can get paid for reading. One such job is to become a Book Reviewer. In this profession, not only you will be paid to read, but you can also get your hands on all the new releases. You can work as a freelance book reviewer for several newspapers, websites and magazines. You can also have your book review blog. There are times when authors will look out for book reviewers for future testimonials. This can lead to greater exposure for the book and future work for the book reviewers.

Literary agent

 If you like setting trends then being an agent might be up your alley. You will have to pitch a new book idea to the publishers. Also, you will be the only point of contact when the deal gets confirmed. Being an agent is not all reading, though. You will probably provide feedback on work to writers and maintaining good relationships with both the authors you represent and publishers. So if you love books and you are also an extrovert then you can consider being an agent.

Micro Blogger

This is one of the newest trends in the blogging world. All you required to have is a social media channel, where you can update your followers about the books that you are reading. Most microblogs are an exciting mix of pretty-looking book pictures, book reading corners, one-paragraph book reviews, and funny book memes. The upcoming authors and publishers are willing to pay anything from Rs.500 to Rs.1500 per post, depending on your social media reach or followers.

Book Scout

There is a real job called book scout. You will get to run around scouting for books. Book scouts work for agents, publishers, or film studios. They might have to scout out the next big thing, so publishers from foreign countries too can pick up the rights. Some book scouts even work directly for movie producers who hope to seize the next Oscar-winning film. Book scouts are advised to maintain friendly relationships with literary agencies. So that they can recognise the next big thing before it hits the shelves.

Audiobook Narrator

If you love reading aloud or you like playing different characters, then you might have what it takes to narrate audiobooks. The audiobook industry is booming right now with technological advancement. While voice-over work of any kind can be challenging to break into, it might be worth looking into audiobook acting training and see if this is the dream job for you.

Literacy Educator

The ability to read is a wonderful gift and you may want to share that gift with others. Becoming a literacy educator can be a great opportunity. Literacy educators teach students, often adult ones to read, write, and more, as it relates to those activities. You can find literacy education positions in the nonprofit sector and the results and outcomes will be well worth your while.


They are professional reading advisors. They also listen to people talking about what is going on in their lives, delves into their childhood reading habits and then prescribes a reading cure. If you love recommending good books as per the nature of a person, then bibliotherapy could be worth looking into. Also, to recommend books, you have to read a whole lot of them, so it will naturally involve reading.

To sum up…

Apart from these mentioned jobs, you can also work as a Librarian, Archivist, Blogger, Copy Reader, English Teacher, Cover Designer, Author, Translator, Bookseller etc. So, here you have it. Readers have more choices than ever before if they are willing to look for and pursue them. The best part of these jobs is you will always have books at your fingertips.


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