Keep work stress at bay with these easy Yoga techniques for office

Ever tried yoga to release stress? Here are seven yoga stretches that you must try in the office to keep your stress at bay.

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Office yoga is one of the best ways to escape the discomfort that desk job carries with it. There is no need to feel fidgety and fret about the long working hours. Because stress of employees matter to render productivity, hence it is important to pay attention to it. As the old proverb goes ‘health is better than wealth’ you must try these yoga poses and stretch yourself a little to earn both health and wealth simultaneously. Office yoga is the best problem shooter for stress that affects you due to sedentary lifestyle. And when you don’t want to visit the doctor, this is the best prevention to stay fit and fine during the 9 to 6 schedule.

So take a look at few yoga poses that will help you stay in shape at ease:

1. Let your eyes take some time off screen

Eyes are one of the most sensitive sense organs out of all. They get strained when you sit in front of computer screen for long durations. Do not keep looking into the mobile or computer screen throughout the day as it will cause stress. Give you eyes some time to relax. However demanding the nature of job, take some time off from the computer/laptop screen and pinch your eyebrows using your index fingers. Press them with your thumb and massage then for 10-12 times. You will experience a relaxing sensation that will help you regain lost concentration at work.

Working professionals usually stare at the computer screen without blinking eyes. Constant staring dries up eyes and you will feel itching sensation at the end of the day. As a consequence, you will avoid working due to stress caused by watering eyes. To avoid this situation, blink your eyes 10-15 times after every 15 minutes. And don’t stare at the screen for long. Blinking eyes enhances your vision and keep the fluid on the cornea intact.

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2. Roll your Neck

Neck is one of the most affected body parts when you are engaged in desk job. If your sitting posture is not right, it will cause severe pain in neck in the long-run. Gradually your deadline will also get affected due to pain in neck. This will in turn stress you out and you will struggle to submit your work on time. In order to avoid the probability of visiting a physiotherapist, try desk Yoga wherein you need to roll your neck in both clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. Repeat this action for a minute or two and after every hour. The muscles near your neck will loosen up. So when you reach home, you would not long for a head massage as there won’t be any accumulated stretch on the muscles near your neck.  

3. Stretch out legs after a while

Stretch your legs: First raise your legs to a level where they are in line with your hips. Feel the stretch in your hamstrings. Move the ankles in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction while holding in this position. It will relax your calves and make you ready for a sprint to your lunch place! When your body is not at ease, absenteeism increase at the workplace, you don’t feel working at ease. These factors cause stress when your manager questions about the impending deadlines. So avoid stressful circumstances at work and go for desk yoga.

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4. Let your wrist take a break

Ever heard of carpel tunnel syndrome? If not, it’s time you goggle it! If you suffer from tingling or numbness in your fingers and symptoms of swelling in your wrist, then it’s a sign of carpel tunnel syndrome. These symptoms indicate that your wrist is a victim of computer mouse and keypad that don’t let your wrist place itself comfortable. Keep a squeeze ball on your desk and use in twice in a day. It will relax your wrist and will give it strength to work without a sore. Tightness in the muscle will cause excessive pain. To avoid this pain allow your wrist to bend inward and outwards in rolling motion. Repeat this exercise when you feel stiffness in the wrist.

5. Take a break from work

Taking some time off from the deskwork is not yoga but it actually helps to relax your overall body.  When you work throughout the day, mind stops to respond after a while. You will experience numbness in your body due to work stress. So take a break from work and visit your cafeteria or recreation room to recharge yourself. It is the best way to stretch your body and relax your mind and eyes. Don’t think about work; instead interact with your colleagues about other stuff. During the tea time or lunch time, take a stroll outside your office; get some fresh air to work faster.

Share this article with your dear ones to help them stay fit during the office hours. We hope that these exercises will help them spend a physically relaxing day at work.

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