5 valuable tips to keep cool at work

Do you often get angry while working in office? Take a look at 5 valuable anger Management tips keep cool at work.

Created On: Dec 20, 2017 14:34 IST
5 valuable tips to keep cool at work
5 valuable tips to keep cool at work

Yelling, screaming, sulking and being aggressive are quite common in the workplace among employees. Be it the pressure of delivering work within deadlines or a mistake by your colleague, a universal reflex in this situation is anger. While many believe that anger is a handy tool to show dominance on others for getting the work done, studies have proved that anger outburst is associated with many health disorders.

Anger not only affects cardiac health, but it also makes one anxious. Another scientific study says that anger shorten life span of an individual. So there is an immediate need to control emotions and adopt anger management techniques to stay calm at the workplace.

Take a look at 5 anger management techniques to keep cool at work:

Steps to overcome anger

1. Put off your emotions

It is not necessary to be expressive about your emotions round the clock. When you feel angry one someone, just move out of the scene, and make a conscious effort to stop thinking about the wrong being done. Keep your thoughts at bay and don’t let them make noise in your head. 

2. Diagnose the cause and rise above  

Shouting at the junior because the work was not submitted is not the right approach. Did you put a little effort to talk with him/her about the reasons of delay in submission? It is very important to understand the real cause that makes you angry. Your anger will have a rolling effect and will pass on to the other person. There is a possibility that if you dig deeper to find out the sanctity of existing problems, you will start focusing on the solution rather than being irked.

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3. Convince yourself

Only you can keep your anger in control. No external force has the power and ability to convince you into abandoning your anger. The power to control your anger lies within you. If you are determined not to vent out your negative energies on others, this will not only save your life but also helps other maintain their mental calm and composure. Ever heard about the story wherein a boy nailed the door instead of being angry on other. And finally when the boy was asked to remove all the nails from the door, several marks were left on the wood that could never be healed. The word spoken in anger often makes the situation worse. So the best method is to convince not to speak rude words. 

4. Break the vicious cycle

You must have experienced that when you start building upon a negative thought, everything around you seems to go in wrong direction. It becomes hard to see things in positive light. As a first step, break the vicious cycle of negative thought. While you might be imagining the negative outcomes of a particular situation, force your mind to consider the positive outcomes as well. This will maintain a balance and will let you be more productive at work.

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5. Learn to express in right tone

In most of the cases, verbal argument worsens the situation at workplace because of the tone being used. People are less offended by the words you chose, rather they are offended by the tone in which you express your feelings. Instead of speaking in a rude tone, be assertive yet grounded. Do not belittle the efforts of your co-workers or juniors.

Winning the battle against anger is the best gift that can reward yourself. Attaining career growth requires continual struggle and when you become vulnerable to your anger, it will only weaken your health. You will be trapped under stress and your creative ability to outperform others will also come to a dead end. So follow these tips and climb the ladder of successful career. 

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