Want to stay stress free in office? Follow these simple Time-management tips

Want to remain stress free in office? Follow these simple time-management tips to balance your work-life and keep stress at bay during office hours.

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Want to stay stress free in office? Follow these simple Time-management tips
Want to stay stress free in office? Follow these simple Time-management tips

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” - Michael Altshuler

Office and Stress are two words that have become synonymous with each other. With challenging targets, steep pressing deadlines, staying away from stress during office hours is a dream that many working professionals dream of. While, stress has become part and parcel of our office life, the solution to this problem also can be found with us i.e. office goers.

As per a recent study, majority of the stress experienced by a working professional in India is due to increased work and limited time-frame to do so. Your performance is generally calculated in not only your ability to perform a task or complete work in the given time-frame. Therefore, if you are able to manage your time well, you will be able to complete all your office work in time and remain completely stress-free.

While staying stress free sounds really easy, doing so is a really challenging task. To help you out, we have given below some key time-management tips that will help you manage your time well in office and complete your work while remaining stress-free.

1. Prepare a Time Budget

Since our childhood days, we have been told that ‘time = money’ and while it may sound clichéd, it is very much relevant when it comes to office life. Just like money management, time management also requires you to prepare a budget for it. When you want to save money, you go through your budget, figure out the unnecessary expenses and cut them out. Similarly, in order to keep stress at bay, the first step that you have to do is to figure out where you are wasting time.

Evaluating how you use your time at office throughout the day would hold the key when it comes to saving time to do the work more efficiently. Once you prepare an extensive time budget, you will realize that out of 9 hours that you spend in office, you end up spending a significant amount of time on updating your Facebook status, posting on Twitter, pinning on Pinterest, networking on LinkedIn, and talking on the phone.

The time you spend doing these ancillary tasks can be used to do your office work more efficiently and help you complete all your tasks without any stress.

2. Plan your day

Continuing the theme of time-management for stress free office life, the second thing that can help you out is to plan your day at office properly. If you go to office unprepared or without any plan for the day, it is very much possible that you will not have a clear idea about what you need to do and how to do it.

So, always prepare a plan for the day with the key tasks that you need to complete in the day. The plan will help you do the work with a sense of purpose and complete tasks more easily. It will also help you understand if you are lagging behind or need to speed up or slow down depending upon the tasks at hand.

While preparing a plan for the day is good, treating it as something written is stone would be counter-productive. Therefore, keep your daily plan flexible and keep some scope for urgent assignments. This will keep your plan more practical and achievable.

3. Limit Time on Social Media and Emails

One of the biggest disadvantages of living in the digital age has to be social media platforms and emails that take up your time. As a working professional, you would end up receiving hundreds of emails that do not concern you. The culture of keeping all the stakeholders into loop in office mails is one trend that has led to several man-hours being wasted every single day. In order to avoid going through hundreds of mails every day, you can create dedicated folders with rules and only check those. It will help you save a lot of time scanning through mails. Add to that, the folder management system would also help you find relevant mails more easily in future as well.

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To top that, social media platforms and their addictive nature also eats into the daily routine, costing you valuable time that you could have employed for your daily tasks. Sending out one tweet or catching up on a viral video on Facebook can very easily spiral out of control; easily taking up at least 20 to 30 minutes. But, as social media has become part of our life, not using is not really an option for us. Therefore, instead of falling prey to FB and Twitter, it is better to allot dedicated time for it and only look at social media at that time. This way, you will end up saving a lot of time and manage your office work better.

4. Prioritize your Work Tasks

Today’s offices work in dynamic business environment; therefore unlike the old days, the work and tasks that office goers are faced with are not singular. Any professional will have different work and tasks that they will be assigned to and responsible for completing. When you have multiple tasks to complete in a limited time-frame; it can be quite stressful.

To handle this better, you must learn the art of prioritizing. If you have 5 tasks to complete within the 8-hour office day; you must clearly know which task is the most important and has to be done first. Similarly, other tasks would follow the suit depending upon their importance and urgency. This way, you will be able to churn through different tasks without mixing them all at once and ending up in a pile of mess. Moreover, as you see different tasks getting completed simultaneously, your work stress will stay under check and help you perform better at work.

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5. Keep away from office drama or politics

As much as office life is about work and everything that is generally associated with the work professional; in real life, there is a lot of drama and politics that you have to deal with in office. Such office politics can easily take up a lot of your time during the office hours and also cause you serious stress. Therefore, as a general rule of thumb, it is always better to steer clear of office politics and to stay focused on the work at hand.

So, be it your colleagues badmouthing your boss, or someone venting out their office frustration; it is always better to stay away from such things. As they would surely end up wasting your time plus also develop negative emotions and feeling about your work and office in general, which is will demotivate you.

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Time and stress are two things that go hand-in-hand. In your office life, you can definitely cut-down on the amount of stress you undergo by managing your time well using the above given time management tips. If you know any other stress management tips that can help office goers manage their work well and also save time, please share them with us through your comments below.

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