10 Most Expensive Animals in the World

There are people in the world who love animals and are crazy for them. Also, keep pets at their home. For them how much an animal is expensive doesn’t matter. As we all know that animals are loyal, great companions and also make us stress free. In this article we have given a glimpse of 10 most expensive animals in the world.

There are people in the world who love animals and are crazy for them. Also, keep pets at their home. For them how much an animal is expensive doesn’t matter. As we all know that animals are loyal, great companions and also make us stress free. Some animals are very unique and most expensive in the world that their price itself is a record; millions are spent every year on the purchase of these animals. Let us have a look on 10 expensive animals in the world due to which our pockets become empty and animal lovers will get more idea to buy such kind of animals.

10 Expensive animals in the World

1. Arabian Horse

Cost: Approximately up to $ 100,000



Oldest and Royal breed of horse that originates in Arabian Peninsula. Have a different head shape and high tail carriage with chiselled neck which makes him unique from others.

2. Lavender Albino Ball Python 

Cost: Approx up to $ 40,000


These Pythons are a product of recessive genes. Because of yellow markings and red eyes they look like ball colour and most beautiful snake in the world. People buy and keep them as pets, also known as ‘High Contrast’ snake.

3. Sheepdog

Cost: Approx up to $15,000


This is a special dog with power and by effect it looks like sheep. Mostly found in Britain. He in fact shows his skill in a “sparkling display” on the trial fields before bidders. These dogs can cover up to 50 miles a day.

4. Tibetan Mastiff

Cost: Approx up to $ 582,000


It is a Tibetan dog and world’s largest which looks like lion. It is also considered as the sign of wealth of society. They are found in various colours like brown, black, white and red. These pets are home protector or guard dogs who are trained to protect livestock, palaces etc. Amazing thing is that to defend themselves they have capability to fight with tigers and their groups as well.

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 5. Miss Missy

 Cost: Approx up to $ 1,200,000



Miss Missy is a cow of Holstein breed. Strange you know that this cow   produces 50% more milk than an average cow and so is most expensive cow in the world. It has won many competitions like grand champions of all breeds etc.

6. De Brazza’s Monkey

Cost: From $ 7000 to $ 10,000


The name given to this monkey is from French traveller and is very old form of monkey. Amazing is there are no different species of this animal and due to its hiding talent it is difficult to find him. Maximum life span is 30 years and is found in Africa. Their job is to guard their families and lead their social groups in jungles.

7. Sir Lancelot Encore

Cost: Approximately up to $155,000


Do you know that this animal is world’s first cloned dog and became the most expensive animals in the world? Edgar and Nina Otto, couple in Florida had a world famous dog Lancelot but due to cancer they lost him in 2008 and then decided to clone his DNA. In this way Sir Lancelot Encore born and became the winner of the Bio-arts auction in San Francisco.

8. White Lion Cubs

Cost: Approximately up to $ 140,000


Source: www.english.ahram.org.eg

These single species of lions are very rare and are difficult to calculate. They are first discovered in 1938. The mutation or white colour is coat pigmentation which was first seen in the Timbavati area, even their eyes are also light or white in colour. It is said that the white colour is due to the recessive genes of both the parents. They can only be seen in expensive African safaris.

9. Green Monkey

Cost: Approximately about $ 16,000,000


Source: www. toptenfindings.com

As name is of monkey but strange! It is a horse. The most expensive, rare and beautiful animal in the world. It is an American race horse known as Forestry. You know according to CNBC report, first time in racing he ran eighth mile in just under 9.8 sec but after that he met with an injury and could not run.

10. Chinese Crested Dog

Cost: Approximately up to $ 5000


Tiny Chinese Crested Dogs are one of the most expensive dogs you can buy. Amazing thing is that they are hairless i.e. they have little hair only around their paws and faces. Their skin is soft and weighs more than 10 pounds. Sam is the world’s famous Chinese Crested Dog who won the World’s Ugliest Dog Competition from 2003-2005.

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