100 Years of Indian Cinema: Hindi Films/Movies

As Indian cinema completes its 100 years, let's take a look on some of the Indian movies that have left eternal inkling on the spectators.
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In the spring season of the year 1913, India was still intermediate through the epoch of British era. Bombay, the capital of Maharashtra was recognized then, had turned out to be an escalating and swiftly industrializing town, abode to the inhabitants of near a million, many of whom had come from other areas and who were parched for innovation and commerce. Bombay had greeted cinema fervently to India in the year 1896 when the place hosted Lumiere Brothers on their famed astonishing world excursion of cinema revelations. 17 years anon, Bombay gave nativity to a budding industry with the broadcast of its own movie.


List of Great Movies


Here are some of the Indian movies that have left eternal inkling on the spectators.


Movie: Devdas

Year: 1955

Actors: Vyjayanthimala, Dilip Kumar, Motilal and Suchitra Sen

Plot: Parvati and Devdas had always been together as children, and as were raised and grown - up, love bloomed. Parents of Devdas sent him away for studies - Parvati and Devas were estranged. A sequence of happenings leads to Parvati being married to someone else and due to which Devdas masks his sorrows in alcohol. When Devdas is manifested serious due to his drinking, he commits to memory the pledge he had made to Parvati, of coming to visit her before he passes away.


Movie: Pyaasa

Year: 1957

Actors: Waheeda Rehman, Mala Sinha and Guru Dutt

Plot: The movie narrates the story of besieged poet, trying to craft his works recognized in post - independence India and a prostitute good at heart ultimately assists him get his poems in print. In the year 2005, the movie Pyaasa was rated as one of the best 100 films of all time by the Time Magazine.


Movie: Naya Daur

Year: 1957

Actors: Vyjayanthimala, Dilip Kumar, Jeevan and Ajit

Plot: The impetus was given on tonga walahs who earn their livelihood carrying people on horse carts. Their living was in jeopardy when the son of a wealthy landlord commences operating a bus overhaul in the town, which he promotes profoundly with the lone objective of 1st driving the tonga walahs out of the town and then making earnings.


Movie: Mother India

Year: 1957

Actors: Sunil Dutt, Nargis, Raaj Kumar and Rajendra Kumar

Plot: In this melodramatic movie, a deprived woman raises her children through many tribulations and trials. But regardless of the efforts, constantly sticks to her ethical code.


Movie: Mughal-E-Azam

Year: 1960

Actors: Dilip Kumar, Prithviraj Kapoor, Durga Khote and Madhubala

Plot: Enthused by factual events, a sixteenth century prince gets in love with a court performer and clashed with his father who was the emperor.


Movie: Guide

Year: 1965

Actors: Waheeda Rehman, Leela Chitnis and Dev Anand

Plot: A Guide got in love with a married woman, and then was imprisoned for stealing money from her.


Movie: Padosan

Year: 1968

Actors: Sunil Dutt, Saira Banu, Mehmood and Kishore Kumar

Plot: A simpleton named Bhola gets into love with Bindu who was her neighbor. To make an impression on her he wanted to sing for her. However, he wasn’t a fine singer and so requests the help of his friend. Guru was a famous singer and agreed to help his friend.


Movie: Sholay

Year: 1975

Actors: Sanjeev Kumar, Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Amitabh Bachchan, Amjad Khan and Jaya Bachchan

Plot: After his family was murdered by a disreputable and callous crook, an ex- police official procures the services of 2 outlaws to incarcerate him.


Movie: Don

Year: 1978

Actors: Zeenat Aman, Amitabh Bachchan, Helen, Iftekhar and Pran

Plot: Don, a sought after criminal, passed away in a police trail. DSP was the lone person who discerns about his passing away and to get clutch of the bunch of criminals he trained Don look alike Vijay. However, Vijay faces peril from the police force and from within the bunch of hooligans.


Movie: Black

Year: 2005

Actors: Rani Mukerji, Amitabh Bachchan, Nandana Sen and Shernaz Patel

Plot: The invigorating story of a mute, blind and deaf girl and her teacher who conveys a glimmer of luminosity into her world of BLACKness.


Movie: 3 Idiots

Year: 2009

Actors: Kareena Kapoor, Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi, R. Madhavan, Omi Vaidya, Boman Irani, Parikshit Sahni and Mona Singh

Plot: 2 friends boarded on a pursuit for a missing buddy. On this voyage, they come across an extensive elapsed bet, in a marriage they crashed and a funeral that goes unfeasibly uncontrollable.


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