Bhuj War 1971: Real story behind Ajay Devgn's Bhuj, Squadron Leader Vijay Karnik & INS Kattabomman

Bollywood film Bhuj: The Pride of India is going to be released today on August 13, 2021. It would be released on OTT Platform as it is the Vijay Diwas. The incident of Bhuj was a part of Indo-Pakistani war of 1971 or the Bangladesh liberation war. Here is the complete story of the Bhuj Airstrip incident and the contribution of women in it.
Bhuj War 1971
Bhuj War 1971

Bhuj: The Pride of India is releasing on the occassion of Vijay Diwas 2021.  It is the reminder of the valour demonstrated by the Indian Jawans and the females of Madhapur in the Indo Pakistan War of 1971. 

The film's lead Ajay Devgn is in the role of Squadron leader Vijay Karmik who was the man behind the strange and valiant contribution of 300 women of a village of Bhuj in the War of 1971. India won that war and their contribution was the most worthy of all. Take a look at the tweet below.

1971 Bhuj War: Recent Events

After the release of the tralier, a lot of talk has begun on the war. 

This war was fought at two fronts

i) East Pakistan that became Bangladesh

ii) West Pakistan (the current Pakistan)

The Victory Flame symbolising India's win over Pakistan in the War of 1971 was received at the Indian Naval Station, Kattabomman on 11th July 2021. A ceremonial guard of honour was also organized which received the flame. 

What happened in Bhuj in 1971?

Indo Pakistani War 1971:

The Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 or more popularly known as Bangladesh Liberation War was fought between India's Mitro bahini forces and Pakistan. It took place between the Bangladesh Liberation war in East Pakistan that began on 3rd December 1971 till the Fall of Dhaka on December 16, 1971. The war began with Operation Chengiz Khan's aerial strikes on 11 Indian air stations.

It was on 8th December 1971 when India was attacked at night by the Pakistani Sabres. More than 14 Napalm bombs were dropped on an IAF strip in Bhuj. This created hurdles in the taking off of the IAF planes. IAF wanted to take the help of BSF but there were not enough jawans to carry out the task. However, the people from the nearby village of Madhapur in Bhuj helped the IAF and mainly the women of the village successfully got the job done in almost 72 hours. 

Valbai Seghani, one of such participants, told a news daily, “We were 300 women who left our homes to help the Air Force, determined to ensure the pilots fly again from here. If we were to die, it would have been an honourable death.” Take a look at the pciture from that time below. 

Women in Bhuj building Airstrip

Seghani also said, “we would immediately run and hide in the bushes. We were asked to wear pale green saris to camouflage ourselves. A short siren was an indication that we could resume work. We toiled from dawn to dusk to make optimum use of the daylight.”

Take a look at the picture below of the brave women of Madhapur



Who is Vijay Karnik?

Vijay Karnik, now retired Indian Air Force Officer served as a Wing Commander in IAF back in 1971. He was the man behind the idea of mobilizing the women of Madhapur to build the damaged airstrip. 

He was born on November 6, 1939 in Nagpur. He went on to get a Bachelor's degree from Nagpur University and joined the IAF. He has been from an army background with his brother too serving the Indian military. 

At the time of the war of India and Pakistan in 1971 he served as a Squadron leader. He had joined the airforce in 1962. 

Karnik's most celebrated moment is the one when he mobilised 300 women from the village of Bhuj to rebuild the destroyed airstrip by PAF. This work was done within 72 hours.  Take a look at the image from Bangladesh Liberation War here. 

Bangladesh War

Talking about the War, Vijay said, “We were fighting a war and if there had been any casualties of any of these women, it would have been a great loss to the war effort. But I took the decision and it worked out. I had briefed them where they could take shelter if attacked and they followed it bravely."

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Who won in India Pakistan 1971 war?

India helped Bangladesh's liberation which was East Pakistan back then in 1971 after it won the war from Pakistan.

Who is Ajay Devgun playing in Bhuj: The Pride of India

Ajay Devgun is playing squadron leader Vijay Karnik in the movie Bhuj: The Pride of India

What happened in Bhuj in 1971 war?

In Bhuj the IAF airstrip was destroyed by the Pakistani Air Force which was rebuilt in 72 hours by 300 women of Madhapur.

What happened in Bhuj in 1971 war?

In Bhuj the IAF airstrip was destroyed by the Pakistani Air Force which was rebuilt in 72 hours by 300 women of Madhapur.

When was Bangladesh Liberation War held?

Bangladesh Liberation War happened in 1971.
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